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Artificial Neural Networks and their Role in Our Lives
artificial neural networks

By Andrew Ziegelstein Formations of artificial neural networks completely alter the progression of human thought.Artificial neural networks (ANNs) represent models of information processors that resemble biological neural networks.While ANNs provide individuals more efficient ways of processing data, adverse results occur if machines interfere with human cognition.Development of artificial neural networks remains a fascinating element of scientific discovery, but this innovation brings about revolutionary changes that benefit and harm development of individuals’ intelligence.... Read more


Martin Hagan Neural Network Design
Book (Martin Hagan)

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Better Quality & extended to Include ProductPresentation. Senior Project: Artificial Neural Networks
Better Quality & extended to Include ProductPresentation. Senior Project: Artificial Neural Networks

Short answer

2001-06-13 12:10:13 by datamouse

An article in Rolling Stone (October 20, 1994) by Adam Miller called J. Philippe Rushton a 'professor of hate,' someone who 'takes money from an organization with a terrible past' (the Pioneer Fund, a foundation said to have an orientation toward eugenics). He is accused of being 'obsessed with intelligence and genetics' to the point of having 'racist' attitudes by Jeffrey Rosen and Charles Lane in The New Republic symposium on IQ (October 31, 1994). They single out Rushton for linking ethnocentricism to genetic factors; this in turn subjects him to the broad brush of being, along with Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, 'Neo-Nazis' Newsweek (October 24, 1994). In The Chronicle of Higher Education (October 26, 1994) critiquing Herrnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve it is clear...

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