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I’ve recently started looking At ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) in an attempt to accelerate analysis of warcraft statistics (Don’t Ask Yet )

Anyway – This morning, I came across a very interesting read on Slashdot

Brief Extract:

The artificial neural network model. (a) A schematic to aid in the understanding of our network structures is shown. Input nodes, which receive the payoffs of both players in the previous round, are labelled A. Cognitive nodes, which can receive input from both input and context nodes, are labelled B. Context nodes, which store the previous state of their cognitive node and return this state (times a weight) as input in the next round, are labelled C. The output node that receives inputs from the cognitive nodes and gives the individual’s decision to cooperate or defect is labelled D. The most complex artificial neural network allowed in our simulations is shown in (b), possessing 10 cognitive nodes and 10 context nodes. A sample of a possible sequence of mutations to network structure is shown in (c). Individuals gain and lose cognitive and context nodes by random mutation. If a cognitive node with a connection to a context node is lost by mutation, the context node is also lost.

The Full Paper is available here

Source: Prom3theu5

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For anyone with an actual interest in AI

2008-03-02 20:38:48 by MsLoree

I found this book intresting:
Massively Parallel Artificial Intelligence
Edited by Hiroaki Kitano and James A. Hendler
"The increased sophistication and availability of massively parallel supercomputers has had two major impacts on research in artificial intelligence, both of which are addressed in this collection of exciting new AI theories and experiments. Massively parallel computers have been used to push forward research in traditional AI topics such as vision, search, and speech. More important, these machines allow AI to expand in exciting new ways by taking advantage of research in neuroscience and developing new models and paradigms, among them associate memory, neural networks, genetic algorithms, artificial life, society-of-mind models, and subsumption...

Modification proposed for SRK equation of state  — Oil & Gas Journal
Osman, EA, and Al-Marhoun, MA, "Artificial neural networks models for predicting PVT properties of oil field brines," proceedings, 14th SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference, Mar. 12-15, 2005, Manama, Bahrain. 5. Sunday, OO, Ali, S., …

Optimi prototype effectively predicts people at risk of depression  —
The Optimi prototype is based on artificial neural networks, capable of predicting if a person is at risk of becoming depressed with a reliability of around 85% in the subjects studied. The initial hypothesis states that the central problem and …

A Bradford Book Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks
Book (A Bradford Book)
Video Games (Grade-A)

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