Chaos theory neural Networks

Several Sychronization of Chaotic Systems and Their Secure Communication Research
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Chaos theory is an important branch of nonlinear science, which reveals the universal complexity existing in the nature and human being world and builds a bridge between determine theory and probability theory. Chaos can be used in wildly fields, so over the last decade years, chaos synchronization technology has attracted more and more scholars to research, especially in secure communication field. This paper combines theoretical derivation and numerical simulation method to research some kinds of typical chaos synchronization problems and its application in secure communication. The main tasks are as follows.Firstly, the paper simply introduces the chaotic development history, and then describes the general synchronization methods, finally explains the significance of chaos secure communication.Secondly, this paper deals with the finite-time chaos synchronization of a new hyperchaotic Lorenz system. Based on the finite-time and Lyapunov stability theory, a simple and robust controller is proposed to realize finite-time chaos synchronization for the hyperchaotic Lorenz system. Theoretical analysis proved that the scheme can ensure the error system globally finite-time stable. Numerical simulations are provided to show the effectiveness of the proposed schemes.Thirdly, based on the nonlinear state observer algorithm and pole placement technique, a synchronization scheme is designed. The projective synchronization of a class of delayed neural networks can be achieved by using the proposed method, and they are proved theoretically. Numerical simulations of delayed Hopfield network and three order cellular neural networks are provided to further demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme. Moreover, this paper proposes and creates a new full state hybrid projective synchronization and provides the theoretical proof, which enlarges the applied scope of full state hybrid projective synchronization. Take unified chaotic system and hyper-chaotic Rossler system for example, after numerical simulations, further validates the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.Finally, this paper presents a new secondary chaotic secure communication system for analog signal transmissions. It contains four important parts: chaos synchronization, chaotic modulation, chaotic mask, and chaotic receiver. Based on the theory of state observer, a method of chaos synchronization is presented, and it is applied to the secondary secure communication system. Some simulation results are provided to verify the efficiency of the proposed secure communication system.

Source: Telecom Paper

Springer Common LISP Modules: Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Neural Networks and Chaos Theory
Book (Springer)

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The basic Idea of Forex vs. Stocks

2004-12-05 12:49:48 by 4xtrader

I checked out the following site ( - There are many that say the same thing, but here’s a cut & paste of some of their home page for your consideration. I am not promoting this site – I just thought it was a good summary of what Forex is all about.
The FOREX is not just for the "big players" anymore!
Often we are asked why professional investors are leaving the Stock Market for greener pastures. Without hesitation, I can say FOREX. It is a market like no other. This market is where the ‘Big Players’ like governments, banks and other institutions come to trade.
There are many benefits and advantages to trading the Forex Market. Here are just a few reasons why so many investors are choosing this market as a profitable business opportunity
• Open 24 hours / 6...

You seem to know a lot about investing so

2005-04-18 11:59:31 by optiontradingcoach

I will give you the benefit of the doubt. But some of your statements I respectfully disagree,
First you constantly cite zero sum game as if that is the end all argument to say no one can make money in the market. Your view of the market is too narrow. You cannot state from your living room that forex is a zero sum game because you do not know what is involved in a transaction. Investment bank A can buy Euros and sell dollars to cover a short Euro position that was profitable from Investment Bank B who is opening a short position in Euro. There is no zero sum because one is an opening transaction and one is a closing transaction. This continues 24 hours a day on and on and there is no final end tally. Everyone can make or lose money on a given day and with the use of hedging tools...

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Big Banks Are Ripping Off Pension Funds

2011-08-19 08:53:30 by -

"Attorneys general in Virginia and Florida filed civil suits against BNY Mellon alleging that the bank cheated pension funds in those states by choosing improper prices for currency trades the bank processed for the funds," The WSJ reports. "The Virginia lawsuit, filed in a Fairfax, Va., state court, cites internal bank emails allegedly showing that senior bank officials knew about, and endorsed, a currency-trading method that hurt state pensioners."
In addition to Virginia and Florida, California and Tennessee are also suing BNY Mellon and State Street Corp. over the alleged fraud.
The man who uncovered the alleged scam, Harry Markopolos, expects all 50 states to eventually join the suit. If the name sounds familiar that's because Markopolos was a whistleblower on the...


2007-03-27 11:35:58 by TooGoodButTrue

I’ll give you a few lessons I learned after working at FXCM, trying to trade forex, and then trying to daytrade professionally on two separate occassions and losing both times. This cost me a full year of my time and about $25,000. I’m glad I did it when I was young, however.
So, here we go:
1. Forex trading does not work. Trading on a delayed feed with a bucket shop (the house’s rules) on excessive leverage is gambling pure and simple. If you have a longer-term thesis about the currency market and want to INVEST in that, fine. That’s investing. However, be sure to not lever up too much otherwise whether you are right or wrong won’t matter much as you’ll get shaken off.
2. Daytrading does not work. Spreads are tight and markets are efficient. The day of of the US...

Modification proposed for SRK equation of state  — Oil & Gas Journal
Osman, EA, and Al-Marhoun, MA, "Artificial neural networks models for predicting PVT properties of oil field brines," proceedings, 14th SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference, Mar. 12-15, 2005, Manama, Bahrain. 5. Sunday, OO, Ali, S., …

Optimi prototype effectively predicts people at risk of depression  —
The Optimi prototype is based on artificial neural networks, capable of predicting if a person is at risk of becoming depressed with a reliability of around 85% in the subjects studied. The initial hypothesis states that the central problem and …

CRC Press Intelligent Infrastructure: Neural Networks, Wavelets, and Chaos Theory for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Smart Structures
Book (CRC Press)
Computational theory of mind and chaos theory part 1
Computational theory of mind and chaos theory part 1
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555 timer based analog robotics.wmv
Initial Emg trial sampling of Ware K tremor
Initial Emg trial sampling of Ware K tremor
World Scientific Publishing Company Nonlinear Workbook: Chaos, Fractals, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Gene Expression
Book (World Scientific Publishing Company)
World Scientific Publishing Company Recent Progress in Controlling Chaos (Series on Stability, Vibration and Control of Systems, Series B)
Book (World Scientific Publishing Company)
Down the rabbit hole - Quantum, Mechanics - 5 of
Down the rabbit hole - Quantum, Mechanics - 5 of 12
Dynamics of a Spiking Neural Network Model
Dynamics of a Spiking Neural Network Model

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