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It’s very rare that I’m really embarrassed to have gone to USC. (Oh, and apparently it’s now really rare that I write. And absolutely NOT to quote that horrendous sketch-that-makes-me-want-to-kill-Keenan-Thompson-but-not-in-a-hate-crimey-kind-of-way-AT-ALL, but  ”What’s up with that? ” Sorry….)  But today. I just. words. Can not. I just need to get on with the story because it’s making me depressed thinking about it.

I was on campus talking to a bunch of senior PR students.  Giving them advice.  Accidentally dropped an F-bomb or two. Nbd.  And I realized after finishing my ultra-inspiring panel discussion that while I have recently been severing ties with a number of collegey things (blacking out super hard and puking (ish), wearing my sorority shirts, being friends with fratty club promoters on Facebook, Facebook groups relating to fratting), I had failed to fully separate myself financially.

Yes, I though I no longer owe them money, a USC-owned institution still had money that belonged to me.  And though I had access to it via my debit card (sitting in my desk drawer, unlike another of my debit cards that was recently stolen out of my roommate’s car when she was at the car wash

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Euro conversion in Excel?

2005-06-23 05:36:56 by -

Running XP, using Excel 2003 (?)
Doing some price comparisons and need to convert Euros into US Dollars. Found the Euro Conversion function in Excel but it doesn't seem to include USD. Odd. Is there another plug-in I need? I'll poke around more in Help but haven't found anything yet.
Will also need to convert Yen later.
Yeah, I know I can look up the conversion elsewhere and do the conversion that way, but want to use the conversion tool if possible.

It swings...

2003-12-30 21:03:26 by already_crushed

Yes, it may be a pendulum. Yes, the shift in the dollar may make labor in this country more viable, but there is one problem. Currencies like the Chinese Yuan and some Latin American currentcies are pegged to the dollar which means that the goods will cost the same in nominal dollars.
There is also the problem of inertia. A hot economy can slow down a lot faster than a slow or stagnant economy can pick up steam. There is also a sociological factor to take into consideration when an economy falters. There will be panic and an effect to society which will have consequences for a recovery or future sustainability. If the pendulum swings to far then it may break the glass as it were.
The US has been an engine for the world economy, yes. The US imports a lot, yes. The issue,...

Tecumseh Products Company Reports First Quarter 2012 Results  — MarketWatch
This decrease was primarily driven by $6.4 million due to lower volumes and sales mix and unfavorable changes in currency exchange rates of $3.1 million, partially offset by price increases of $3.7 million. The volume decrease is mainly attributable to …

CCL Industries Announces Start-Up Wine Label Operation in California  — MarketWatch

... the impact of competition; consumer confidence and spending preferences; general economic and geopolitical conditions; currency exchange rates; interest rates and credit availability; technological change; changes in government regulations; …

Evan He Exchange Rate
Mobile Application (Evan He)
  • Convert world currencies on your Android
  • Access an in-app calculator and currency charts
  • Use online for auto-sync and then offline if necessary

Solera Holdings' CEO Discusses Q3 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  — Seeking Alpha
We measure constant currency or the effect on our results that are attributed to changes in foreign currency exchange rates by measuring the incremental difference between translating the current and prior period results at the multi-average rates for …

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Casio Casio DM-1200MS-S-IH Tax and Currency Exchange Calculator
CE (Casio)
  • Large 12-digit display
  • Profit margin %, +/-
  • 3-digit comma marker
  • Rapid correction

Pitney Bowes Announces First Quarter Results for 2012  — MarketWatch
In addition, financial results are presented on a constant currency basis to exclude the impact of changes in foreign currency exchange rates since the prior period under comparison. Constant currency measures are intended to help investors better …

Solera Holdings, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2012 Results  — Virtual-Strategy Magazine
After adjusting for changes in foreign currency exchange rates ("FX Changes"), revenue for the third quarter increased by approximately 16.2% over the prior year third quarter revenue; Net income attributable to Solera Holdings, Inc. for the third …

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