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Usually have many tabs going with news, politics

2009-05-21 18:53:52 by Mystery__Man

FB, and various other websites open
also currency trading platforms, two of them

Mutual friend for computer stuff

2007-06-11 18:51:23 by austingeekgirl

We were introduced by a mutual that I could give give him some computer help in exchange for him to teach me about foreign currency exchange trading. it was really nice,because you can do futures and options on forex its the largest and least regulated market on the planet, most forex "trading platforms" (the graphical program you run)
have a very programmable interface to set
off alerts and notices when various conditions
are met, and its comparatively easy to use
(compared to say writing an X windows program). I did a few for him,using the
standard technical indicators (macd, bollinger
bands, volume changes and such)
it was nice meeting because he had these pre-concieived notions about trans-women and he said "hmm, I was almost...

เกียรตินาคินจัดสัมมนาเด็ดรับการเปิดเทรด USD Future  — กรุงเทพธุรกิจ
งาน “สัมมนาเด็ดรับการเปิดเทรดดอลลาร์ล่วงหน้า (USD Future)” หัวข้อ “Looking for Currency Futures Trading” ขอเชิญทุกท่านเข้าร่วมฟังการสัมมนาในงาน “สัมมนาเด็ดรับการเปิดเทรดดอลลาร์ล่วงหน้า (USD Future)” หัวข้อ “Looking for Currency Futures Trading” …

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