Evolutionary design of Neural Networks

Design in Nature and the Relevancy of Your School

UnknownDr. Adrian Bejanof Duke,author of Design in Nature,has been kind enough to help clarify our understanding of how the constructal law will drive the design of future K-12 learning systems. images The constructal law requires that systems that carry some flow tend towards a tree-shape design (see earlier posts for clarification). I queried him thusly: with massive interconnectivity amongst teachers,students,and nodes of knowledge management around the globe,will this not lead to a structure of the knowledge web that can be more accurately mapped as a net or web,not a tree-shaped structure?I did not understand why schools or colleges must be the largest flow points of knowledge in the future.

Dr. Bejan:

The flow is from area to point,from the plain to the river mouth. It is tree shaped.

In education of all kinds,including sports training,the area is the inhabited land,and the point is the university,or the K-12 school.

The pathways are tree shaped,because they connect the area (an infinite number of points,approximated by the large student population) to one point,or to two or three points—the school,the art school after hours,the basketball team practice after hours.

Source: The Learning Pond

Springer Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning -- ICANN 2012: 22nd International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, Lausanne, Switzerland, ... Computer Science and General Issues)
Book (Springer)

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