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What do trading terms and business success (in this case, for a broker) depend on?

It can be summed up as the following: client base, turnover and commission (which should be interpreted as both commission and mark-ups). Greed has no place in business; it should instead be driven by cost-effectiveness and business optimization.

The higher the commission, the worse the terms, which translates to less clients. Vice versa, the lower the commission, the more clients you will see.

Moving on, the lower the commission, the more profitable the clients’ trades, which means there is less defection and thus, higher turnover.

Now that we have explained the correlation between turnover, client base and commission, let’s move on to profit.

The lower the commission, the less the broker profits. While commission is being driven to zero, profits are also weighed down and cannot cover expenses.

The right way of doing business is solving an equation with three unknowns until profits are maximized.

We start with zero commission and begin to raise it. The broker’s profit begins to grow, but at some point, the client base and turnover begin to fall, profit ceases to grow and then begins to drop. We need to find the sweet spot.

Source: Раннев Дмитрий Викторович

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