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Can the Race Track or The Lottery be beaten?
Build Neural Network Indicator

These and other questions about gambling are explored in The Monkeybars of Life.

In chapter-1, Ernest DuPree tells a group of speculators:  “The Daily Racing Form is all that’s needed to review each horse’s past performances and then to reduce the Value-Field to no more than three contenders. Once these contenders are identified, you only need to wait for the odds to be in your favor and then you bet all contenders. The spread guarantees a return on your money most of the time.”

Moving around the table, Ernest continued, “Now, don’t be mistaken – handicapping horse races is like gambling. You are guaranteed to lose some time. Most people lose most of the time. Some fools lose all the time. A few people win most of the time. Nobody wins all the time. But a black man who knows what he’s doing, can make just as much money as anybody on any day or night at the track.”

Back at the head of the table, Ernest flipped the chart page and drew a huge dollar sign and a percentage sign. “Right here, tonight, I’m going to show you how you can minimize your losses and maximize your wins. You can start taking notes if you want.””

In chapter-7 Douglas begs Nate to write a computer program for the illegal lottery.

Source: The Monkeybars of Life's Blog

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Investment advice

2002-02-10 00:06:24 by dont

The residual effects of the Enron (ENE) debacle are slowly, but surely, beginning to PERMEATE the investment landscape. In many instances it is hard to know whether the secondary problems are critically severe, or just a case of paranoid investors overreacting to ghosts. In 1997, ENE was a rather ordinary gas distribution company trading at $20/share. In the 1998-2000 period, the stock rocketed to nearly $85/share, because of celebrious views about their on-line commodity trading capabilities, an 18,000-mile fiber-optic cable and ultimately, the perceived 'rewards' from the California electricity crisis. Management gradually succumbed to the temptation to artificially inflate earnings with artful 'financial engineering' techniques and, all the while, they piled up debt and preferred...

Hey. Never forget 9/10/2001

2005-03-17 22:09:18 by -

-The last day for suspicious trading on American and United Airlines. Today, three years ago, the Chicago Exchange sees the purchase of 4,516 put options on American to only 748 call - 60 times above normal. On the Pacific Exchange, the trading ratio on United is 25 times greater than normal. Later, investigators can't help but notice that no other airlines saw such trading in their put options. Analyst John Kinnucanone, quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle, said "I saw put-call numbers higher than I've ever seen in 10 years of following the markets, particularly the options market."
-The last day for suspicious trading on Morgan Stanley, one of the World Trade Center's largest tenants. Between Sept. 7 and Sept. 10, the company experiences an increase of 27 times in the purchase...

Corps. have our best interests in mind-LOL!

2009-09-04 15:13:27 by peaceorwar

Secrets of Alleged Oil Price Manipulation Exposed
Source: CNBC/NYT
Its superfast, supersecret oil trading software was called the Hammer.
And if the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is right, the name fit well with an intricate scheme that allowed commodity traders in Chicago working for Optiver, a little-known company based in Amsterdam, to put their orders first in line and subtly manipulate the price of oil to the company’s advantage.
Oil Barrels
Transcripts and taped conversations of actions that took place in 2007, included in the commission’s case, reveal the secretive workings of high-frequency trading, a fast-growing Wall Street business that is suddenly drawing scrutiny in Washington. Critics say this high-speed form of computerized...

Cruise control  — The Lawyer
“I'd say that, in the past 24 months, we've seen an influx of forex companies wanting to set up here,” she reveals. According to Chetcuti Cauchi, this growth can again be ascribed to Malta's place in the EU and the ability to “passport” vehicles across …

Banks, forex companies asked to ensure WHT deduction  — The News International
KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan has prodded banks and all foreign exchange dealers to ensure timely issuance of statistics related to deduction of withholding tax on exports proceeds and realization of foreign exchange receipts on account of …

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