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Neural networks are beneficial when applied to business applications. They can be used to predict bankruptcy, predict costs, process documents, and forecast revenue. On different sample studies are shown using neural networking in business. One study was used to predict whether movies would flop at their openings by predicting the expected revenue range of the movie. Another was able to determine whether certain business ventures were a good idea by the neural network searching the internet and labeling businesses interesting or not interesting. 84.75% of the time the neural network averaged correctly. Another study predicted the bankruptcy averages of credit risks. This would help banks to assess bank lending decisions and profitability. Neurosolutions was correct in a three year range, 82% of the time. Another network predicted whether a community would support commercial gaming. This included legalization and probation of gaming activities. Neurosolutions was correct  in 4 of 5 counties, or 82% of the time. Neural Solutions was able to predict expense costs on a construction project. This included labor, materials, and utilities costs over time. Neurosolutions was able to process images  or documents electronically, where sometimes it would be difficult for the scanner or printer to recognize certain characters. Neurosolutions could also be used to group business data based on certain characteristics, solving the “clustering problem.”  Neural networks use a SOM or self organizing map, to solve this problem which includes extracted certain features. This is useful in detecting fraud and credit risks also. Neurosolutions used what is called  OCR, or optical scanning recognition, which allowed video feeds and images scanned to have all characters recognized. An example of this would be if a business wished to scan business cards into their PDAs or Outlook devices. This is possible through the optical scanning recognition. Neural networking technology has been applied in many different ways that supplement businesses and their success.

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