Neural networks Horse Racing Prediction

on neural networks this revolutionary horse racing software will predict

Testing one two .. one two …

 This is kinda hard .. are you there?

I’m talking across space and time here .. it’s not easy at all ..

um .. best way to get this across is to tell the story . might have to do a little history .. no .. not the history you think you remember .. but what actually happened . here’s what happened:

I read a book – it was Edward De Bono’s “I Am Right You Are Wrong”.

But about the same time I was reading James Gleik’s “Chaos”.

These two books totally wrecked me. ..between them I realised in a flash that we are all living in dreams.

And, at the time, I was also working in the computer industry as a programmer making systems for the retail logistics industry – I was a forecasting systems specialist for the supply chain thing . making sure you got Coka Cola whenever you wanted ..

But something was a bit wierd with all that ..Somehow, I was also beginning to get over my Christian fear of the occult and was learning how to throw a pretty good Tarot reading .. the separation between science and magic was fracturing my universe. Sure, I could raise the service level for a major supermarket chain from 75% to 93% .. but I could also tell a client that their lover was unfaithful .. it all started melding into curls of smoke – and I could see them.

Source: Perception

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing Groundwater Modelling: A Comparison Between Multiple Regression and Artificial Neural Network Approaches
Book (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing)

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