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dit by Brothersoft: Topographica is a software package for computational modeling of neural maps,developed by the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation at the University of Edinburgh and the Neural Networks Research Group at the University of Texas at AUSTIN. The project is funded by the NIMH Human Brain Project under grant 1R01-MH66991. The goal is to help researchers understand brain function at the level of the topographic maps that make up sensory and motor systems. Topographica is intended to complement the many good low-level neuron simulators that are available,such as Genesis and Neuron. Those simulators Focus on modeling the detailed internal behavior of neurons and small networks of them. Topographica instead focuses on the large-scale structure and function that is visible only when many thousands of such neurons are connected into topographic maps containing millions of connections. Many important phenomena cannot be studied without such large networks,including the two-dimensional organization of visual orientation and motion direction maps,and object segmentation and grouping processes.To make such models practical,in Topographica the

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Amer Psychological Assn Neural Networks in Organizational Research: Applying Pattern Recognition to the Analysis of Organizational Behavior
Book (Amer Psychological Assn)

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Treatment that gets on your nerves  — Irish Times
Your body contains a complex network of nerves, which are like electrical information highways, that plays an important role in how you sense the environment – and pain – and how and when parts of your body move. ... Funded through Science Foundation ...

Idea Group Publishing Neural Networks in Healthcare: Potential and Challenges
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Cambridge University Press Research and Development in Expert Systems VII: Proceedings of the 10th Annual Technical Conference of the BCS Specialist Group, September 1990 (British Computer Society Conference Series)
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Coriolis Group (Sd) Neural Computing: Theory and Practice
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Elsevier Neural networks and organizational systems: Modeling non-linear relationships [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research]
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