Neural Networks Self Organizing

Attendance and conference in the International CCE 2012 (Mexico City)
Multilayer perceptrons , Neural networks , Self-organizing networks

Tomorrow I will be attending the 9th International CCE conference at Mexico City. My topic will verse about the usage of artificial neural networks as powerful auxiliary  tools in the diagnosis of malnutrition related diseases.

This paper was written with the aid of my father, who is a great Doctor,  Pediatrician and quite a visionary. His work is vast and amusing in several areas of medicine such as Antibiotics, Nutrition, Infectology, Immunology and general Pediatrics. Therefore the medical background of this work was quite solid. (And in the research it was quite notorious! His experience and knowledge were molded perfectly in the resolution of my doubts.)

Why this topic? Why do we have to care about the malnutrition related diseases? We have to take into account that a child that manifests chronic malnutrition may be handicapped both intellectually and physically in the future. A child that suffers from malnutrition may be handicapped in the very early stages of his life.

Sometimes the malnutrition is related to feeding disorders (infantile anorexia, fear of feeding, etc.) and it has been proposed several methods to aid the pediatrician in his labor in order to eradicate these disorders(I worked in a project for Abbott Laboratories in this particual topic).

Source: Cybernetics as an art

Springer Self-Organizing Maps
Book (Springer)

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2011-03-21 05:40:32 by dixiessmom

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Applications of Self-Organizing Maps
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Evolution of a self-organizing robot soccer team
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Neural Network Self-Organizing Map - 1x27, Gaussian Distributions
Neural Network Self-Organizing Map - 1x27, Gaussian Distributions
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