Origin of Artificial Neural Networks

Money As a Shining Beacon of Nihilism
Each “neuron” consisted of What does Money mean as a philosophical event? What is the place of Money in philosophical discourse? Here is one possible suggestion.
Robin Hanson: Extraordinary Society of Emulated Minds from Singularity Institute on FORA.tv
Hanson’s main assumption in this presentation is that true “Artificial Intelligence” won’t be artificial at all: It will come from improvements in full-brain scanning technology combined with improvements in computer technology that will lead to a very detailed model of a scanned individual’s brain to not only be stored in digital form, but used as the model for a computer simulation of the processes of that particular individual’s brain.*  The money comes in because such simulated brains can be put to economically valuable tasks that, at some point in the curve of increasing cost performance of computation, really can replace the mutilated beings we call “humans” that have become “parts” of “something larger than themselves”.  Such “parts” can be replaced by cheaper parts.
From that plausible technical assumption, very mundane economic arguments point down a path that Hanson then ruthlessly, if breathlessly, explores.
*Such a neurophysiological simulation has nothing to do with the history of

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing Getting Emotional with Evolutionary Simulations: The Origin of Affective Processing in Artificial Neural Networks
Book (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing)

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Christopher Morse, Evolutionary Robotics, Fall 2011, University of Vermont, video 4.
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Neural Network animation predicts Human Evolution - Updated
Henry Markram: On the Origins of the Human Mind
Henry Markram: On the Origins of the Human Mind

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Foreign Exchange trading up 21%-- Adios $

2005-01-12 07:32:11 by puro

Did the Romans curse Caligula, or only in historical retrospect?
"Forex trade volumes hit record levels
By Jennifer Hughes in New York
Published: January 11 2005 17:26 | Last updated: January 11 2005 17:26
Foreign exchange trading volumes leapt to record levels in the first week of 2005, according to EBS, the largest interbank trading platform, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Average daily volume for the week on EBS reached $162bn, up 21 per cent on the same week last year and considerably higher than the average of about $100bn. Total volumes for the week were $811bn.
Trading in FX products over the CME’s Globex electronic platform last week was up 182 per cent over the same period in 2004, and pit-traded options volumes were...

Currency exchange looks to raise €4m  — Irish Independent
CURRENCY Fair, the Dublin-based online currency exchange tapping into the global ex-patriot community, is seeking to raise €4m to fund its expansion. The Irish-Australian firm operates a peer-to-peer market for people seeking to exchange foreign …

Why you should buy your holiday euros today  — This is Money
However, you are likely to receive less than this if you buy your currency in bureau de changes and online currency exchange websites. For example, if you exchanged £500 at currency exchange firm Travelex this week, you would have received €595 at a …

Elsevier Geographical origin and authentication of extra virgin olive oils by an electronic nose in combination with artificial neural networks [An article from: Analytica Chimica Acta]
Book (Elsevier)

This Cornishman's homes include his chateau  — Telegraph.co.uk
By Anna White, City Diary Editor The online currency exchange went bust in October 2010, owing 8000 customers a total of £20m. This came just two months after its founder had splashed out more than £1m on a luxury pad in Penzance.

Experimental Studies on a Single Microtubule (Google Workshop on Quantum Biology)
Experimental Studies on a Single Microtubule (Google Workshop on Quantum Biology)
Spiking Network Spider Encounter
Spiking Network Spider Encounter
ZOOB with Michael Joaquin Grey 1 of 5
ZOOB with Michael Joaquin Grey 1 of 5
Springer Evolutionary Computer Music
eBooks (Springer)

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