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The Importance Of Patent Translations In International Business
Foreign and Philippines

After you have completed the registration, you will own exclusive rights to the invention. The patent itself is important because it will grant you this ownership for a period of twenty years, giving you a sort of monopoly in that specific niche or market.

Application Under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, or PCT

The Patent Cooperation Treaty is essentially an agreement among 117 countries that helps to facilitate an easier patenting application process. While it provides protection, it does not provide you with an international patent, meaning that you will still need the services of patent translations experts.

By implementing the PCT, you are able to file for a single patent that will protect you in all of the 117 countries; however, it must be translated into one of the ten languages that are recognised by the PCT. These ten languages are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

It is a very common practice to hire patent translation service providers to professionally translate your patent application into the English language, as this language is the most used when it comes to business and science matters. It is vital to have a professional handling your patent translations, as the quality of the translation will have a huge impact on the quality and the acceptance of your patent application.

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