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Vaclav Klaus: 'Europe’s nations must break free from the Brussels straitjacket'
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From Vaclav Klaus, the Telegraph: European integration was originally based on a rational idea to liberalise Europe, to open it up and to expand trade by building a common market and a large, interconnected economic space. This liberalisation more or less characterised the first decades of the European integration process. And it brought positive results, especially compared with the 1930s.

But the current era is different, because European integration moved to a different stage. Liberalisation was replaced by a massive shift of competencies from individual member states to the European Union’s “commanding heights” in Brussels; by the radical switch from intergovernmentalism to supranationalism; by the carefully organised weakening of the original building blocks of European integration – that is, individual countries; by large-scale centralisation, additional anti-market regulation, standardisation and harmonisation of the whole continent.

In the past a highly heterogeneous continent flourished due to its diversity, non-uniformity, and the healthy competition between countries. This changed when Europe became unified and was artificially made uniform by centrally organised governance and legislation. It led to the disturbing economic outcomes we see today and to what is called a democratic deficit. I call it post-democracy.

Source: Atlantic Council - Renewing the Atlantic Community for 21st Century Global Challenges

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currency converter exchange rates :: Saudi Arabia :: currency exchange fx
currency converter exchange rates :: Saudi Arabia :: currency exchange fx
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Gulf poised to delay monetary union, official says

2007-09-25 10:54:15 by Semi

From The Times
September 25, 2007
Canada should put its loonie pride on hold
Gerard Baker: American view
I chanced to be in Canada last week on the very day that the Canadian dollar hit parity with its more glamorous American counterpart for the first time in 30 years.
In America, where I would wager that not one person in a hundred could guess to within 25 per cent the exchange value of the dollar against any currency in the world, pundits and policymakers are less worried about the blow to their national pride than they are by the potentially destabilising effects of overrapid declines in the dollar’s value.
There are, broadly, two main types of risk. First, that the falling dollar will induce a global collapse of confidence in US assets....

Arabs Appalled by U.S. Troops in Baghdad

2001-12-19 08:31:08 by justyouraveragecitizen

from the book
The Costs and Consequences of American Empire'
by Chalmers Johnson
Henry Holt, 2000
It is past time ... for Americans to consider why we have created an empire - a word from which we shy away - and what the consequences of our imperial stance may be for the rest of the world and for ourselves.
For any empire, including an unacknowledged one, there is a kind of balance sheet that builds up over time. Military crimes, accidents, and atrocities make up only one category on the debit side of the balance sheet that the United States has been accumulating, especially since the Cold War ended. To take an example of quite a different kind of debit, consider South Korea, a longtime ally. On Christmas...

Are there any economic brainiacs here who can

2005-02-23 06:02:13 by icurok

Dollar drops as Korea backs away
NEW YORK (Reuters) — The dollar tumbled Tuesday as markets grew concerned about the likely impact of South Korea's plan to diversify its reserves out of U.S. assets, pushing the currency below key technical support levels.
South Korea's central bank, which holds a large chunk of U.S. Treasuries, said Monday it planned to spread its reserves, which are the world's fourth largest, among a greater variety of currencies.
"The dollar is under pressure. This started early in the Far East, with news of South Korea's plan to change reserve ratios," said Andrew Busch, global FX strategist, capital markets, with Harris Nesbitt in Chicago.
"It comes on the heels of Russia saying the same thing. This has fueled speculation that...

Saudi quashes currency revaluation rumours

2006-11-10 16:55:10 by verisimilitude

Is that like SCOTUS?
Minister sees no delay in Gulf single currency.
There is no talk of delaying a Gulf single currency planned for 2010, despite disagreements over some technical aspects of economic integration, the UAE Minister of State for Financial and Industrial Affairs said yesterday.
Dr Mohammad Khalfan Bin Kharbash said after a meeting of Gulf finance ministers and central bankers in Jeddah that the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council had yet to agree on the economic criteria for currency union.
Asked about reports that some countries wanted a delay, he said: "The target date for the monetary union is not the subject of debate. "The debate concentrates on the technical aspects rather than the political aspects."
Kharbash said the member...

Allianz PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond Fund: erneut mit Wertzuwachs im April …  —
Frankfurt ( - Der Allianz PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond Fund - A - EUR engagiert sich vorwiegend am Markt für Anleihen aus Schwellenländern, so die Analysten von Allianz Global Investors. Fremdwährungsengagements, die über 20% des …

Emerging Market Bond Funds  — Forbes
Consider the PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond Fund (PEMDX/PEBIX) as an illustration. PEMDX or PEBIX has a turnover rate of 100%. The two different ticker symbols represent two different share classes. PEMDX is the over-the-counter version.

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