Training neural Networks example

Coast to Coast AM – 05-06-2012 Subtle Energies and Healing – Dr. Claude Swanson Part 1
highest output MIT and Princeton trained physicist Dr. Claude Swanson discussed subtle forms of energy that provide scientific evidence for long-distance healing and other types of paranormal abilities. There is increasing acknowledgment that consciousness is intertwined with science, he said, adding that a "life force, " or what the Chinese call chi, is an animating principle. This force could be considered the fabric of space-time; energy that is present in the vacuum at a very small scale, he continued. The Russians referred to this as the torsion field, composed of phitons, very small particles or waves that behave differently depending on their location in space. Remote healers are often able to see a holographic image in their mind's eye of the person they're working on, and detect what part of the body is problematic, and effect a healing through the image. There is scientific data that shows this kind of healing takes place and is not psychosomatic, Swanson reported, and suggested the healings are manifesting through faster-than-light torsion-type particles. He also cited studies by Fritz-Albert Popp about biophotons, little pulses of light that our DNA molecules produce for communication and that govern health and metabolism. One of the big mysteries

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Franklin Electronics Franklin TG-450 12 Language Translator
CE (Franklin Electronics)
  • Electronic translator with 400,000+ words and phrases in 12 languages
  • 12 languages: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Compact, pocket-sized design for maximum portability
  • In-built currency and metric converter make difficult conversions easy
  • Advanced spell correction

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Exporting PMML from R - Predictive Analytics in 60 seconds
Exporting PMML from R - Predictive Analytics in 60 seconds
evolving neural network brains of cars
evolving neural network brains of cars
Single-layer ANN
Single-layer ANN

To all businesses offering to teach you to trade

2009-03-31 21:29:08 by proioxis

You are frauds. Charging someone $3500 to teach them basic technical analysis they could learn from a book from is atrocious. Then you take their money to set up an account (another, what, $5000?) and offer them leverage so they can lose the money faster.
I'll give you a hint: jumping in and out of stocks all day is not the way to make money.
As for all you so called "trading firms," go find a convenient hole to crawl into. Preferably to die.

Adding daytrading to resume??

2006-10-16 17:57:09 by jason56789

Can anyone suggest a few bulletpoints to add daytrading to my resume?
I'm not sure how to "sell" my daytrading experience on the resume so that it will be meaningful to resume screeners, or a potential employer.
I can explain more, but in general I use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to identify trades or longer term investments. I favor smallcap stocks, ususally in the biotech or others "technical" sectors. I also look at special situations, like companies that are in bankruptcy that have a decent shot at a successful restructuring.
Many thanks in advance!

Australian Government Investigating Excessive Digital Entertainment Pricing  — RipTen

The currency exchange rate between the US and Australia has been hovering around 1:1 for over a year, and the digital economy is well overdue for a pricing reform. Yet, understandably, why would marketing departments update prices if Australians have …

Chamber welcomes kwacha devaluation  — The Times Group
The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) yesterday scrapped the Malawi Kwacha's peg to the dollar, allowing the market to determine the currency's exchange rate in a desperate attempt to get back on track the derailed Extended Credit Facility programme (ECF) …

NovaChannel AG TouristDirectory
Software (NovaChannel AG)
  • The CD-Rom form TouristDirectory offers you a comprehensive solution for your future travel plans.

Phuket currency exchange robbery key witness refutes prime suspect  — Phuket Gazette

The currency exchange kiosk is attached to the Kasikornbank branch directly in front of the Kata-Karon Municipality offices on Kata Road. “Since it was quiet, and there was only one hour left until we closed, I thought I might as well tally up our …

Neural Nets - Example 1 - Train The Neural Net
Neural Nets - Example 1 - Train The Neural Net
Introduction to Neural Networks for C# (Intro)
Introduction to Neural Networks for C# (Intro)
Neural Finance Application
Neural Finance Application
Garmin Garmin nüvi 1370/1370T 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth GPS Navigator with Maps of North America & Europe and Lifetime Traffic
GPS or Navigation System (Garmin)
  • Widescreen ultra-slim GPS design with 4.3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display; interface features improved graphics and a new slide control for menu operation
  • Pre-loaded with City Navigator North America and Europe NT maps, and public tr... allows you to navigate using buses, tramway, metro, and suburban rail systems
  • Bluetooth wireless technology enables hands-free calling with a compatible phone; included traffic receiver provides North America traffic information
  • Pedestrian navigation capability enabled through optional CityXplorer maps; ecoRoute suggests fuel-efficient routes to save drivers money and fuel
  • NOTE: Model number on the box is 1370T because the traffic receiver is include...e device itself is 1370 as the "T" in 1370T refers to the additional component

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