Understanding Neural Networks. Iovine

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Neural network prediction

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Jimmy Iovine Knows What Music You Want - D: Dive into Media
Jimmy Iovine Knows What Music You Want - D: Dive into Media

To all businesses offering to teach you to trade

2009-03-31 21:29:08 by proioxis

You are frauds. Charging someone $3500 to teach them basic technical analysis they could learn from a book from is atrocious. Then you take their money to set up an account (another, what, $5000?) and offer them leverage so they can lose the money faster.
I'll give you a hint: jumping in and out of stocks all day is not the way to make money.
As for all you so called "trading firms," go find a convenient hole to crawl into. Preferably to die.

Adding daytrading to resume??

2006-10-16 17:57:09 by jason56789

Can anyone suggest a few bulletpoints to add daytrading to my resume?
I'm not sure how to "sell" my daytrading experience on the resume so that it will be meaningful to resume screeners, or a potential employer.
I can explain more, but in general I use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to identify trades or longer term investments. I favor smallcap stocks, ususally in the biotech or others "technical" sectors. I also look at special situations, like companies that are in bankruptcy that have a decent shot at a successful restructuring.
Many thanks in advance!

The Next Level: Alexander R. Galloway's “The Interface Effect”  — lareviewofbooks
In recent years, new media scholars have focused on topics such as software (Lev Manovich, Matthew Fuller), hardware (Friedrich Kittler, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun), new forms of social interaction (Geert Lovink, Sherry Turkle), information networks (Tiziana ...

Society of Photo Optical Ninth Workshop on Virtual Intelligence/Dynamic Neural Networks: Academic/Industrial/Nasa/Defense Technical Interchange and Tutorials : International ... Society for Optical Engineering, V. 3728.)
Book (Society of Photo Optical)
Springer Advances in Education and Management: International Symposium, ISAEBD 2011, Dalian, China, August 6-7, 2011, Proceedings, Part IV (Communications in Computer and Information Science)
Book (Springer)

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