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Forex Trading Strategies- Patience
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Although good Forex Trading Strategies can be a starting point in one's efforts to turn a profit in the market, there is something even more necessary. The most important thing one needs in combination with a good strategy is patience. Problems arise when a trader has a good plan and then changes course when things are on a downward slope. Often one must ride out a loss to make a greater profit. The patience to see good Forex Trading Strategies through to fruition isForex Trading Strategy

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To all businesses offering to teach you to trade

2009-03-31 21:29:08 by proioxis

You are frauds. Charging someone $3500 to teach them basic technical analysis they could learn from a book from is atrocious. Then you take their money to set up an account (another, what, $5000?) and offer them leverage so they can lose the money faster.
I'll give you a hint: jumping in and out of stocks all day is not the way to make money.
As for all you so called "trading firms," go find a convenient hole to crawl into. Preferably to die.

Adding daytrading to resume??

2006-10-16 17:57:09 by jason56789

Can anyone suggest a few bulletpoints to add daytrading to my resume?
I'm not sure how to "sell" my daytrading experience on the resume so that it will be meaningful to resume screeners, or a potential employer.
I can explain more, but in general I use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to identify trades or longer term investments. I favor smallcap stocks, ususally in the biotech or others "technical" sectors. I also look at special situations, like companies that are in bankruptcy that have a decent shot at a successful restructuring.
Many thanks in advance!

Australian Government Investigating Excessive Digital Entertainment Pricing  — RipTen

The currency exchange rate between the US and Australia has been hovering around 1:1 for over a year, and the digital economy is well overdue for a pricing reform. Yet, understandably, why would marketing departments update prices if Australians have …

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The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) yesterday scrapped the Malawi Kwacha's peg to the dollar, allowing the market to determine the currency's exchange rate in a desperate attempt to get back on track the derailed Extended Credit Facility programme (ECF) …

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Forex - Foreign Exchange Rates for Foreign Currency
Move Over Yuan, the Dollar s Back
Move Over Yuan, the Dollar's Back
Etoro Forex Trading-Currency Trading-Exchange Rate
Etoro Forex Trading-Currency Trading-Exchange Rate

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