Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks Abstract

Artificial intelligence

U.S. stocks and some European equity closed on Monday, to resume normal trading on Tuesday. As of 22:45 last night, the Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily rose 1.21 percent to 12604.98 points. The index last week, the basic low sideways, the more the first two weeks of unilateral fall trend, reflecting the market’s concerns about the debt crisis in Europe.

European stocks in recent weeks, the trend is similar to, but slightly weaker than the U.S. stocks, because it more directly by the European debt crisis. Tuesday, European stocks were mostly higher, the vast majority of the stock market rose 1 percent. The Spanish stock market is an exception, the country’s stock fell 1.71 percent on Monday temporarily difficulties due to a bank in the country last week and led the country yields approaching 7%. The good news, the Greek financial stabilization fund to the four banks made of € 18 billion temporary bailout funds. Monday of the Greek stock market rose on Tuesday to continue to rise, but the gains narrowed considerably, currently up 1.86 percent the day before, up 7 percent.

Data, last night, the U.S. Conference Board announced consumer confidence index from 4 to 69.2 reduced to 64.9, worse than expected 69.7.

Asia-Pacific stock markets rose Tuesday, Japanese shares rose 0.74 percent, Korean shares rose 1.41 percent, China Hong Kong stocks rose 1.30 percent, Indian stocks rose 0.13 percent. In related news the surface, suffering from capital outflows plague the Indian authorities on Tuesday announced a relaxation of the limit of overseas individual investors to buy Indian bonds and mutual funds.

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Springer Engineering Applications of Neural Networks: 11th International Conference, EANN 2009, London, UK, August 27-29, 2009, Proceedings (Communications in Computer and Information Science)
Book (Springer)

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The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous

2010-12-01 16:19:29 by na_lies_alot

See; puritan
The real history of Alcoholics Anonymous and its predecessor organization, Frank Buchman's Oxford Group cult, is a fascinating epic historical melodrama that has everything a good historical novel could wish for:
* sex,
* violence,
* goose-stepping Nazi soldiers and their beautiful blond women,
* World War II,
* cult religions,
* radical politics,
* ultra-rich multi-millionaires and lavish living in beautiful palaces,
* Christian missionaries with dark-skinned foreign mistresses,
* crazy wet-brained alcoholics,
* kings and queens and princes and princesses, and counts and dukes and lords and earls,
* priests and ministers and doctors and psychiatrists,
* deceitful traitors and...

Remote Sensing: A Primer  — Ecosystem Marketplace
Country reports to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) often show highly variable biomass estimates -which change over time based on improved information instead of actual, on-the-ground changes in forest carbon. Additionally, countries ...

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