Artificial Neural Network) Project

8th Semester - It concluded well

VTU semester system never had an option for internship. Personally, I was of the opinion that an industrial internship experience as a student was an absolute necessity. Cisco had withdrawn its internship.

Microsoft Live @ Edu internship

Being in Bangalore was a real advantage since almost all MNCs had their corporate offices in Bangalore. In January, Microsoft Academia (Microsoft DPE) opened an internship position as a program manager intern for Microsoft Live @ Edu, an ambitious academic program. I, along with a few MSPs from Bangalore gave the interview and I was chosen for the same.

My experience was top notch here, working under Pratima Rao, Director of Microsoft Academia, Mr Sesha Sai, Md Reza, Chandar Sundaram etc. Not only did they guide me with my work, their experiences with other company helped me build a perspective in life. So at the end of my internship, when I got an indication that I could be absorbed here, I was sure that I wanted to do a technical role as my first job.

Artificial Neural Network Project

I definitely needed more than 24 hours since I was juggling around 2 very interesting work. One was the internship and the other was my project under Prof. Koshy George, one of the best professors at PESIT. Sharath, Raghavendra Gali, Jayesh Bhat and I were working on a very interesting ANN project which included identification and control of a non-linear dynamical system. The project was successful and I still wonder why we didn't convert it to a research paper.

Source: Life as a PESITIAN (1PI05EC087)

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The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous

2010-12-01 16:19:29 by na_lies_alot

See; puritan
The real history of Alcoholics Anonymous and its predecessor organization, Frank Buchman's Oxford Group cult, is a fascinating epic historical melodrama that has everything a good historical novel could wish for:
* sex,
* violence,
* goose-stepping Nazi soldiers and their beautiful blond women,
* World War II,
* cult religions,
* radical politics,
* ultra-rich multi-millionaires and lavish living in beautiful palaces,
* Christian missionaries with dark-skinned foreign mistresses,
* crazy wet-brained alcoholics,
* kings and queens and princes and princesses, and counts and dukes and lords and earls,
* priests and ministers and doctors and psychiatrists,
* deceitful traitors and...

Remote Sensing: A Primer  — Ecosystem Marketplace
Country reports to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) often show highly variable biomass estimates -which change over time based on improved information instead of actual, on-the-ground changes in forest carbon. Additionally, countries ...

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