Artificial Neural Networks gradient

Hey, it's Christmas season once again, and here's my wishlist which will
Problems Classification Clustering Pattern association Optimization Forecasting Function approxi-mation
Determine a function that approximates a stock market index.

Remember the name of a person.


Determine whether a person has a lung cancer. Yes

Develop a customer profile that would purchase a sport magazine.

Determine the genre of a playing song. Yes

Predict the company sales revenue for the next quarter.

Predict which product(s) a customer would likely buy next if they already bought milk and eggs


Arranging components on a circuit board such that the total length of wires is minimized.


ReferencesKishan Mehrotra, Chilukuri Mohan and Sanjay Ranka (1996). Elements of Artificial Neural Networks. A Bradford Book

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The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous

2010-12-01 16:19:29 by na_lies_alot

See; puritan
The real history of Alcoholics Anonymous and its predecessor organization, Frank Buchman's Oxford Group cult, is a fascinating epic historical melodrama that has everything a good historical novel could wish for:
* sex,
* violence,
* goose-stepping Nazi soldiers and their beautiful blond women,
* World War II,
* cult religions,
* radical politics,
* ultra-rich multi-millionaires and lavish living in beautiful palaces,
* Christian missionaries with dark-skinned foreign mistresses,
* crazy wet-brained alcoholics,
* kings and queens and princes and princesses, and counts and dukes and lords and earls,
* priests and ministers and doctors and psychiatrists,
* deceitful traitors and...

Trading vs. investing  — MarketWatch
Overall for the year, however, the American stock market is mostly flat. Foreign markets are much worse off though than American. Historically, this is unusual, as American markets have rarely led the past 40 years. Many foreign markets are down …

After Facebook, More Fear of Stock Market  — New York Times
This has led to a steady decline in the volume of trading in the American stock market and a drop in revenue for New York financial firms. But it has also raised broader questions about the prospects of a market that has long been the central cog for …

Gradient descent learning for utility current compensation using active regenerative PWM filter.(pulse width modulation)(Report): An article from: Journal of Computer Science
Book (Science Publications)

Toronto stock market loses ground in volatile session as loonie inches lower  — Calgary Herald
The North American stock market weakness followed a dismal session in Asia. "For the better part of this year, concerns have been emanating out of Europe (about) potential for the government debt crisis there to become a financial catastrophe around …

Early Rally Fades After Bernanke's Comments  — New York Times
Matthew Kaufler, portfolio manager at mutual fund group Federated Investors, said the rate cut gave the American stock market a "shot of adrenaline." "China is the world's economic locomotive at the moment, and it can't afford to slow down at a time …

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