Artificial Neural Networks Haykin


The human nervous system can be considered to compose of three stages as depicted in the diagram. Brain is the central part of the system, which is represented by the neural network

Human brain is a complex, nonlinear and parallel computer. Human brain has the ability to perform very complex tasks such as pattern recognition, recognizing this world’s entity, much faster than any computer processor. The speed of human brain is somewhat 5 to 6 times slower than silicon chip but due to massive interconnection in human nerve cells, humans can recognize the pattern more accurately and efficiently than any computer. It is estimated that there are about 10 billion neurons in human cortex.

Beside the super fast speed of recognition, human brain have ability to learn, human brain learn from the childhood days when our parents taught us walking, eating and many other little things and memorization of the learned things or knowledge. Thus Artificial Neural Network is a algorithmic modeling of the biological neural system.

(references Simon Haykin "Neural Network and Learning Machines")

Source: Machine learning

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