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At prelaunchX, we help companies launch new products and services. Our current launch partner is code-named Forex Firm X. Before the official launch of Forex Firm X, you can begin growing your potential earnings in three ways...
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No Deposit Free Bonus Forex
No Deposit Free Bonus Forex
Forex bonus - no deposit required!.wmv
Forex bonus - no deposit required!.wmv
Plus500: Best NO-Costs Forex Broker Review
Plus500: Best NO-Costs Forex Broker Review

369% return on capital this week as Forex Trader

2011-01-15 05:14:03 by xCollegeGradx

I am 27 year old new yorker who trades from home and work a day job(slave to a job earning 32K). I trade LIVE ACCT during night and give time to family. I was able to attain 369% return on capital this week turning 5000 into 22,000 this week with a draw down of 2.18% with 85% accuracy on winning trade. I just wanted t update the guys, from my earliest thread started @
where i made 2460% ROI in 2 weeks nearing 1/3rd of million in less than a month from capital of 10K. anyways... i have promised myself i will ride this time with SAFETY belt on because money comes in and also go out as quickly when your risk is not properly managed. This time i am taking this baby with Money management. My goal is to achieve a million in 5 years and help the poor wherever i can, i don't...


2005-09-12 21:45:23 by o-lOl-o

I'm not too up on blogging and podcasting or any of the other personal broadcasting, even a website, yet. I've mostly rolled around the forex forums. I got tired of those forums. Too many 'pros' who want to tell you how you should trade...I've met quite a few peers in those forums, good people, too. There is also a couple of people here using my postings on forex. That's good enough for me.
I tried to get banter going on here but it didn't take too well. Although I know that there are people who do look at forex and look at what I write. A few have contacted me. I decided to work harder in another area in my life because of the word I gave. I have other commitments so I couldn't expand on my analysis. I in fact scaled back..for a short time.
I really am interested in the...

People do, most don't.

2007-04-14 12:05:47 by forexer

It's not really as hard as some make it out to be. It's not as simple as some hope it would.
Demo trade for as long as you need to learn it before using real money. Read, read and read some more. Go to forums and read all the experiences other traders are going through. Learn from their mistakes so you don't have to make them all.
People told me that I couldn't make money in forex, that forex wasn't easy for the retail trader, that it's just fools gold. It isn't easy but it's not complicated. The hardest part is staying disciplined through the emotional roller coaster of learning. Some days it will all click, other days it blows up.
If you can trade any other market, you can trade forex. It's just more of a technically influenced market than others. The charting...

Time to buy your tickets for our trading extravaganza  — CITY A.M.
In FX there are tried--and-true currency trading strategies have seen impressive performance over several decades. In fact, a historical study shows that several FX strategies could significantly improve risk-adjusted returns in virtually any and every …

Forex Free Bonus No Deposit 2011
Forex Free Bonus No Deposit 2011
Forex Stock trading 20 pounds FREE NO DEPOSIT BONUS[1].flv
Forex Stock trading 20 pounds FREE NO DEPOSIT BONUS[1].flv
Free Forex No Deposit Bonus
Free Forex No Deposit Bonus

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