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Facebook: Buy At
On Thursday the 17th, Facebook announced the IPO stock price would be $ 38 per share. Just eight years after the social networking site was formed, its IPO is the third largest in the history of the United States, valuing the company at $ 104 billion.
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Crowd funding lobbyists get in on ground floor
Startups looking to take advantage of a new law allowing them to sell their stock online to the public can't count that seed money just yet. The US Securities and Exchange Commission, which will oversee what's expected to be a fast-growing market in …
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I will just invest in the war machine

2008-07-01 17:39:56 by englishguyrealone

In new london conneticut
Submarines need replacment. General Dynamics
Stock market volitility GFIG
and DVN plus Medical and drillers
and security measures.
Go sweat in IRAN and learn a trade

Why do so many people try to do home

2008-11-03 16:45:40 by bmaguidrhin

Improvements on their own when they have no prior knowledge of the trade. Everytime one of you idiots tries to take on a project and comes in here to ask questions, it makes all of the skilled tradesmen that have worked hard to learn their trade disgusted. I don't try to perform open heart surgery or invest someone's money in the stock market. Then when you have completely screwed it up, you then hire a pro who has to charge you more to fix your mess and you bitch and moan about the cost. Everyone of you that has done this should be ashamed of yourselves and the next contractor you hire, you should shake their hand, say thanks, and pay them with a smile on your face knowing that you made the right decision and hired someone who knows more than you.

Art is everywhere today

2006-03-24 00:20:48 by lynnxe

And I pity you for not being able to see it.
You seem to think you could just invest in some "name" garnered from an internet forum and get wealthy -- how many people playing the stock market are doing it that way?
Just like in the stock market, the collectors who do well with their artists works are the ones that take the time to educate themselves.
There are missed opportunites all around you -- learn to see the art, and you will see the opportunities as well.

Liquidators appointed to Queensland financial services group after ASIC …  — SmartCompany.com.au
The company has raised about $10 million from thousands of investors over the world, and promotes itself as a type of international currency trading company, which also offers classes and coaching services. The Australian Securities and Investments …

New York exhibited art project electrifies Chinese-US currency war  — The Daily Star
Mimicking, or mocking, the mechanics of international currency trading, Keats pits virtually worthless US and Chinese coins against each other so that they produce electricity – “electro-chemical arbitrage,” as Keats would say. The science is basic.

Stock Market Investing Tips : Learning How to Trade Stocks
Stock Market Investing Tips : Learning How to Trade Stocks
Lesson 1 on the Stock Market by Zapata George
Lesson 1 on the Stock Market by Zapata George
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Learn What Affects The Stock Market
Global Finance School Stock Market DVD Course: Learn How Stocks, Bonds, Options & Mutual Funds Work
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  • Fully interactive DVD, very easy language, with comprehensive explanations
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The Stock Market Game Learn How The Stock Market Works Before You Get Started
Digital Music Track (The Stock Market Game)

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