Music Classification Using Neural Networks

Some Idea from Non-linear Classification of Perceptron Neural Networks
is to classify and predict

Concerning with perceptron neural networks, non-linear classification is a problem.It base on the mathematic output of all input, It use some kinds of activation function, multilayer perceptron neural networks to solve the problem.But it makes it more complex, in addition, the learning algorithm precision may fall too.The activation function is a mathematic output, in fact, it’s a deduction output.Like some other mathematic theorem, it  needs so complex logic to prove.

Can deduction logic prove all of problem in reality? Can all assertion proved by logic? Maybe can not.Maths has a lot of axiom, it’s output is proved by human experience, i.e. by induction.Maybe the induction is the key to artificial intelligence.The induction needn’t complex logic operation, but it’s structure needs more careful design.

Source: Psychology and Artificial Intelligence

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2001-06-13 12:10:13 by datamouse

An article in Rolling Stone (October 20, 1994) by Adam Miller called J. Philippe Rushton a 'professor of hate,' someone who 'takes money from an organization with a terrible past' (the Pioneer Fund, a foundation said to have an orientation toward eugenics). He is accused of being 'obsessed with intelligence and genetics' to the point of having 'racist' attitudes by Jeffrey Rosen and Charles Lane in The New Republic symposium on IQ (October 31, 1994). They single out Rushton for linking ethnocentricism to genetic factors; this in turn subjects him to the broad brush of being, along with Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, 'Neo-Nazis' Newsweek (October 24, 1994). In The Chronicle of Higher Education (October 26, 1994) critiquing Herrnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve it is clear...

The 10 week SURF program gives students of all disciplines a chance to work …  — The Daily Cougar
Organizing a symphony has a lot more to do with brain function than many believe, and like the musical performance, a loud disruption can cause confusion and disorder. Alzheimer's ... “Very little is known about when and where the initial 'breakdown ...

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