Neural Networks and Rule Based Systems

Technical analysis for FOREX
PDF (796 KB). First Page of the Article. View full abstract» Since I am still developing and testing my forex systems, I have nothing to post about them. I will post more detailed news when I have a proven track record in these systems. Until that time, I have decided to post another kind of information which will be also helpful: This is the first post of the series which will be related with technical analysis, indicators and trading systems. I will try to explain the best points of technical indicators and systems based upon them.
Let's start with the header, technical analysis:
Technical analysis is only interested in the price movements in the market.Technical analysts seek to identify price patterns and trends in financial markets and attempt to exploit those patterns. While we have several tools and methods in technical analysis, the primary tool is the price charts.
The principles of technical analysis derive from the observation of financial markets over hundreds of years. The oldest known example of technical analysis was a method used by Japanese traders as early as the 18th century, which evolved into the use of candlestick techniques, and is today a main charting tool.
Dow Theory is based on the collected writings of Dow Jones co-founder and editor Charles Dow, and inspired the use and development of modern technical

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Short answer

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An article in Rolling Stone (October 20, 1994) by Adam Miller called J. Philippe Rushton a 'professor of hate,' someone who 'takes money from an organization with a terrible past' (the Pioneer Fund, a foundation said to have an orientation toward eugenics). He is accused of being 'obsessed with intelligence and genetics' to the point of having 'racist' attitudes by Jeffrey Rosen and Charles Lane in The New Republic symposium on IQ (October 31, 1994). They single out Rushton for linking ethnocentricism to genetic factors; this in turn subjects him to the broad brush of being, along with Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, 'Neo-Nazis' Newsweek (October 24, 1994). In The Chronicle of Higher Education (October 26, 1994) critiquing Herrnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve it is clear...

Machine Learning Specialist – London  — Here Is The City
Solid understanding of the principles of Tick Data, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks or similar. · Knowledge of machine learning an absolute plus. In Summary – We require ... Required for this is C++ / Matlab / R / S+ / with a Master's / MSc ...

CRC Press Intelligent Systems for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition
Book (CRC Press)

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