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Are the [[International Climate Science Coalition]] notable? (webcite in case they aren’t and you care 7 days from now). By which I mean, in the sense of Wikipedia:Notability. Sources about them are thin on the ground, and those so far proposed only mention them in passing. Blogs don’t count, of course, and nor does their own PR.

We’ll find out in a bit, because its up for deletion (note: I didn’t propose it, though I did PROD it).

I put this up just for fun. I don’t encourage you to go there and “vote” (either keep or delete). You can if you like, but you’d have to have something to say – Remember that while AfD may look like a voting process, it does not operate like one. Justification and evidence for a response carries far more weight than the response itself.

[Update: really dull so far (or possibly evidence of total NN): no-one has even bother to say "keep".]
[Update: based on the current state of the AFD, I think it will go.]

The Result

The result was redirect to Tom Harris (mechanical engineer). That was on the basis that the ICSU isn’t notable or well enough covered for its own article, and that pretty well all the coverage of it that had been found was actually about its director. And that ICSU itself is a valid search term.

Source: Stoat

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Short answer

2001-06-13 12:10:13 by datamouse

An article in Rolling Stone (October 20, 1994) by Adam Miller called J. Philippe Rushton a 'professor of hate,' someone who 'takes money from an organization with a terrible past' (the Pioneer Fund, a foundation said to have an orientation toward eugenics). He is accused of being 'obsessed with intelligence and genetics' to the point of having 'racist' attitudes by Jeffrey Rosen and Charles Lane in The New Republic symposium on IQ (October 31, 1994). They single out Rushton for linking ethnocentricism to genetic factors; this in turn subjects him to the broad brush of being, along with Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, 'Neo-Nazis' Newsweek (October 24, 1994). In The Chronicle of Higher Education (October 26, 1994) critiquing Herrnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve it is clear...

The moth man of West Virginia  — Mother Nature Network
He breeds them, cares for them, studies the neural activity of their olfactory system. All of which requires inordinate ... He opens a PowerPoint presentation on his computer of a recent talk he gave at Wake Forest University. The five-hour car ride to ...

MOOCs: A review  — The MIT Tech
Or Coursera, which says on its website that “you will watch lectures taught by world-class professors, learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and reinforce concepts through interactive exercises.” But this is a revolution we're talking about ...

World Scientific Publishing Company Disrupted Networks: From Physics to Climate Change (Studies of Nonlinear Phenomena in Life Science) (Studies in Nonlinear Phenomena in Life Science)
Book (World Scientific Publishing Company)
CRC Press Air Pollution: Health and Environmental Impacts
Book (CRC Press)
Springer Hydrological Modelling and the Water Cycle: Coupling the Atmospheric and Hydrological Models (Water Science and Technology Library)
Book (Springer)

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