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Using Parabolic SAR with Neural Network for Predicting

Parabolic SAR (SAR stands for Stop-And-Reverse) is a trend-following indicator that has been used by many traders for decades. Its major application is in trading systems to define a trailing stop, i.e., to protect profit when a price trend changes. The term “parabolic” appeared to characterize the indicator parabola shape that is due to using an accelerating factor in the formula. SAR is especially effective in a trending market. To make it more effective in a sideways market, it is often used in conjunction with other indicators.

SAR indicator gives a strong signal when a price trend is about to reverse, therefore, this indicator can be used for prediction. To compare the predictive ability of SAR with other indicators, it has been implemented into the technical analysis module of Fundamental-Technical Analyzer FTA-2. SAR calculations have been used to collect statistics based on the forecast simulations for major indexes and ETFs during August-October 2011 period. As a result, SAR’s position was mostly in “top ten” indicators list.

Using Parabolic SAR with Neural Network for Predicting

The research and presented chart are made by Fundamental-Technical Analyzer FTA-2, one of the software modules that enables composing Neural Network forecasts of many indicators with weights accordingly to each indicator’s predictive ability.

Source: Stock Market Forecast and Trading

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