Neural Networks Using CUDA

CUDA and linux x86_64
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I’ve stumped recently on a paper about FAM neural network on GPU. I realized than that I have two CUDA programmable graphic cards at my disposal. I found a nice blog on CUDA and Ubuntu. Since one system is squeeze I think it was worth a try to follow the steps the author explained. Unfortunately there is a big difference between 32 and 64bit system here. First of all you must download all 64 bit from nvidia (driver and SDK). Then it did not work, first because the -O3 which I changed to -O0 (this may be not necessarily) and I put some _force_inline__ before __device__ in some projects example (the other system is opensuse, which I am not proud of, could be more easily adjusted, but I changed a system file of cuda which prohibited the use of g++ above 4.5). My CUDA examples are nice, but I am not sure about the improvement, It is for me not clear. Besides my Quadro FX 570M if my t61p Thinkpad was screwed up after some testing, having strange pixels all over the display (on the desktop system with opensuse it did not happen (the card is also different). All in all I will by for home and screw my desktop system at home with CUDA and neural networks on it.

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