Pattern Recognition Neural Networks

No available ready to use models for Russian
Pattern Recognition

Recently I investigated possibility of using free acoustic model for Russian language. Previously I started using English VoxForge model. It was really fine. Adaptation or additional training of model were not required to get initial result. I expected something similar for Russian.

Noway. I made simplest test with JSGF grammars. Such way I avoid influence of language model which is more complex for Russian then for English. Accuracy of original Russian VoxForge acoustic model on separate words and simple phrases was bad.

Another available model for Sphinx4 is Zamir’s project ru4sphinx. It show the same low accuracy.

So if you are going to use Sphinx4 for recognizing Russian speech you should be ready to invest some time for adaptation existing acoustic model or building new one.

P.S. Good point is that VoxForge model is good basement to make adaptation to your speakers or your vocabulary. After simple adaptation I was able to get satisfactory result.

P.P.S. Do not be scared to build sphinxbase and sphinxtrain from trunk if you meet errors with compiled distribution. bw.exe gave fatal exception on my Win7. I was a little bit nervous building C++ code. Everything passed Ok from the beginning. No additional efforts was required.

Source: SmallSoftwareFactory - Java, J2EE development, speech and pattern recognition, neural networks

Kluwer Academic Competitively Inhibited Neural Networks for Adaptive Parameter Estimation (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)
Book (Kluwer Academic)

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