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Thermal (Phononic) Memory (1 reply)
sylvain demongeot

My thanks to Malcolm Dean for calling my attention to the paper and commentary (below).
Some people like me believe something like this occurs in neuron membranes and astrocyte calcium waves.

Cite as: arXiv:0808.3311v1 [cond-mat.stat-mech]
Thermal memory: a storage of phononic information
Lei Wang, Baowen Li

Memory is an indispensable element for computer besides logic gates. In this Letter we report a model of thermal memory. We demonstrate via numerical simulation that thermal (phononic) information stored in the memory can be retained for a long time without being lost and more importantly can be read out without being destroyed. The possibility of experimental realization is also discussed.

Physics World, Aug 29, 2008, by Michael Banks
Memory device could store data using heat
Heat has long been regarded as useless or even harmful in electronic circuits. But some researchers think that it might be possible to build computers that process phonons — pulses of vibration that carry heat — rather than conventional electrons. Physicists in Singapore and China have now taken a step towards such thermal computation or “phononics” by devising a model for storing thermal information. Although their scheme has yet to be tested experimentally, the researchers claim that bits of information could be read out without destroying the stored data (arXiv:0808.3311v1).

Source: Nature Network - Recent topics from Brain Physiology, Cognition and Consciousness

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