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Cool Rate Of Exchange Currency images

Some awesome rate of exchange currency images:

Screenshot of PayPal from within Yahoo

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Picture by IvanWalsh.com

You can now use Paypal straight from inside Yahoo. Why bother you might inquire? Properly, prior to we get into that, let’s see how it operates.

Or does it evenwork?

See should-you-use-paypal-from-insi...

A British two Pound Coin

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Picture by incurable_hippie

A near-up of a UK £2 coin.

Miscellaneous zine pictures

A British 2 Pound Coin

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Image by incurable_hippie

A close-up of a UK £2 coin.


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Download Free eBooKs
Download Free eBooKs

I have some old currency- where to exchange?

2007-09-18 14:57:42 by orahorse

It's Swiss francs from 1953. In circulated condition, or I'd sell on ebay.
Neither my bank nor AmEx traveller's service will exchange them.
Pic of one:

What is the stock market?  — Globe and Mail
When you buy stock in a company, you become a part owner. In other words, you buy yourself a share of the company. Most investors buy and sell through stockbrokers. Stockbrokers are trained and registered to sell stock and bonds.

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