Artificial Neural Networks resemble

The parallels between TDD derived code and Artificial Neural Networks
The Artificial Neural Network I'd like to draw an analogy between artificial neural networks and the code that often gets produced by poor TDD, i.e. TDD done with little respect paid to refactoring.

Artificial Neural Networks

An artificial neural network (ANN) is a graph like structure that maps some set of inputs to a set of outputs. The ANN can make very complex mappings due to having multiple layers and weightings between nodes in the network.

One example of an ANN is one which can recognise a human face. To obtain such a network one stimulates a randomized network with samples of a face and of non-faces. For each sample the network will produce an output. One takes the output and calculates the difference between it and the desired output and then that difference is back propogated through the network. Back propogation of the 'error' causes the network to learn, to produce smaller and smaller errors.

After training one has a very useful tool that can classify things sometimes more accurately than a human can. The faustain bargain one has agreed to is this: One doesn't know how the network classifies its input. The 'knowledge' is just a bunch of numbers, it's a black box.

Code produced by TDD

With TDD the tests take the same role as input to the code and expected output. The developer takes the difference in actual and expected output and back propogates changes to reduce this difference to zero.

Source: Digital Compulsion

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