Bayesian neural networks Introduction

What is Classification and clustering in data mining
bayesian neural networks

Classification in data mining

Classification is a data mining technique used to predict group membership for data instances. classification predicts categorical (discrete, unordered) labels, prediction models continuous valued functions.

For example 1:
Fraud Detection
Goal: Predict fraudulent cases in credit card transactions.

-Use credit card transactions and the information on its account-holder as attributes.

              –When does a customer buy, what does he buy, how often he pays on time, etc

-Label past transactions as fraud or fair transactions. This forms the class attribute.

-Learn a model for the class of the transactions.

-Use this model to detect fraud by observing credit card transactions on an account.

For example 2: you may wish to use classification to predict the result of  football match then possible result will be for a team win, lose, tie. Use Popular classification techniques include decision trees and neural networks.

Classification Techniques

1. Decision Tree based Methods
2. Rule-based Methods
3. Memory based reasoning
4. Neural Networks
5. Naïve Bayes

Source: Techathon | Techathon

Wiley Bayesian Networks: An Introduction (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)
Book (Wiley)

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NIPS 2011 Tutorial: Modern Bayesian Nonparametrics
NIPS 2011 Tutorial: Modern Bayesian Nonparametrics
Springer Pattern Recognition and Classification: An Introduction
Book (Springer)
Springer Introduction to Bayesian Networks
Book (Springer)

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