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My Story of Bioinformatics Definitions…
a biological neuron and an

The definition of Bioinformatics changes for me, with every new research paper I read, every new bioinformatics definition I go through and every new lecture I attend related to Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is a research area which is as endless as a sea, where there are no boundries, therefore no single definition can completely explain it. So here I am with my story of bioinformatics definitions…

After completion of my A’levels degree, when I entered the stage of deciding the field of my professional education, I found out that “Bioinformatics is a combination of maths, computer science and biology”. I made my own perceptions of what kind of a mixture it would be. But Somehow I ended up thinking of bioinformatics as something like Genetic Engineering. 

During the course of my BS Bioinformatics studies, I started to understand that Bioinformatics is not genetic engineering at all, rather it is based on some tools/Softwares that we use in order to process and analyse biological data from biological databases. We can create these tools or we can use the already available online tools. Although I was interested more in creating my own tools, I was forced to believe that bioinformatics is all about using the already available millions of tools online, to analyse the sequences of DNA and proteins. Unfortunately, even till the end of my bioinformatics degree, I couldnot understand how to select the tool I needed, where to apply what tool, and what kind of projects need these tools. I had all the tools and all the knowledge of bioinformatics messed up in my mind. I was being taught a number of programming languages, which I really loved to study, but didnot know where to put them while defining bioinformatics for myself.

Source: Programming Biology

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Socialism as it was always meant to be

2002-01-02 12:12:09 by justyouraveragecitizen

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What about Participatory Economics?

2002-01-02 12:03:20 by justyouraveragecitizen

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Good stock screening resources?

2004-11-11 19:47:30 by daniel99

Hello everyone, I was hoping that someone could help me locate stock screening resources. Ideally, I would love to rent a Bloomberg or Factset terminal once a month for a few hours. I live in the Orange County area, so if anyone knows of a place that does this please let me know!
Alternatively, I would be interested in using some sort of robust stock screening software, but I think that a monthly recurring fee might not be the best way to go for me...I am not into technical a solid tool for fundamental analysis would be great. I appreciate any help you can give!

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