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Cusick’s Corner 05-08-2012
As I write this the market is at its worst levels — S&Ps 1347, NDX 2596, and the Dow Jones Industrials, INDU 12, 830 are all below mid-term support, 50-Day Moving Average. At this stage the market is giving back all of the April rise and if the market settles at these levels, old support is now resistance. Disciplined shorts will probably be covering into this pullback, and I say disciplined only because this is a deep pullback but with liquidity always in the … [visit site to read more] or compare Credit Card Rewards and Best Credit Cards


Book (Lloyds Bank Plc.)

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Don't know what they charge as exchange rate?

2006-06-03 09:03:18 by hereishowtocheck

Look up a transaction on your last statement.
Use your calculator to work out what the exchange rate was for the transaction - if they don't put it on there already.
Go to Yahoo Finance
Look up exchange rates down on the bottom left
Go to the chart for your currency
CLick on basic chart
Final step: share with us what deal your bank offers.

That is Peruvian reality

2007-05-22 10:06:51 by --

I lived in Peru for four years. The first few days, I kept seeing people everywhere who seemed to be selling cell phones and calculators. Well, it turns out that money changing takes place everywhere. You go up to anyone of these people and ask the exchange rate. You are well advised to check with several. The person will show you on his calculator how much Peruvian currency you'll get. If OK, you give him your dollars and he gives you Peruvian currency. The cell phone is for him to check with his boss on the exchange rate, which moves constantly.
I found that most of these guys were honest, and the rate was consistent all over. It's a way that normal people can make enough money to support themselves (there is a small difference between buy and sell rates that gives them...

Many stores convert on the spot. They go online

2012-05-19 21:38:44 by Metri

In the morning, see what the day's exchange rate is, add a token percentage to that, and just use a calculator when you buy stuff. They give you change in local currency. The honest ones will always show you their calculator. Just go online each morning and see the official exchange rate. The shops will just charge a bit more (not much, like a quarter to a half percentage point).
It's no biggie.

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