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Background of different euro The Euro currency has been originally introduced into move on January 1st, 2007. It is now the official currency involved with 16 of the 27 part states of the European Union together with the notable exception of Great britain. The term Euro is concise for European currency.It is actually used daily by throughout 327 million Europeans.Some advisors think that the US Dollar could possibly depreciate against the Euro with time, with the Euro taking over north america . Dollar as the world's proven reserve currency. The Euro Exchange Rate has become more important than in the past because of the strength and the big adoption of the Euro.Several China, Russia and The indian subcontinent have been major global traders in the US Dollar and have longer indicated that they want to see variations in the international monetary method in the wake of the the latest financial crisis. In 2004, Louis Vuitton Wallet, the European Union experienced the largest growth say in its history, Louis Vuitton Belt, after eight new member-states joined. Bulgaria in addition to Romania joined the EU for 2007 and all these brand new member-states are expected to adopt the single European currency in time.Countries love Canada, United States and The old continent developed

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Yale University Press The Euro: The Battle for the New Global Currency
Book (Yale University Press)

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Global currency war escalates over Euro
Global currency war escalates over Euro
EUR/CHF Technical Analysis for June 6, 2012 by
EUR/CHF Technical Analysis for June 6, 2012 by
Gerhard Schröder on the sinking Euro currency (03Jan12)
Gerhard Schröder on the sinking Euro currency (03Jan12)

Part 2

2011-05-31 14:11:39 by Astheeurozonescrambl

To embark on major privatizations and structural reforms. Instead, it wasted precious months this year holding the euro zone to ransom with threats to restructure debts.Only now its bluff has been called has Athens agreed to deliver on its promises in return for further bailouts. The alternative is a disastrous default and likely exit from the European Union. But even now the government is reluctant to shrink its bloated public sector, preferring to put the bulk of its fiscal consolidation on tax measures. Meanwhile, the opposition plays party politics over issues of national survival, undermining public acceptance of the program. No wonder other EU governments are reluctant to trust Mr. Papandreou and want strict conditionality to any loans.
Not that the rest of Europe is...

There are echos of the events leading up to

2008-03-18 16:58:31 by T_Dean

The difference is that the US has taken a belligerent stance. Way different than our isolationism following WWI.
Also, we are trying to climb out of a Robber Baron mentality at the same time that we have multiple trends which resemble bubbles.
I was struck by the Bear Stearns collapse with the implosion of value, including Lewis's investment of only a year ago.
We have a host of dominoes trying to fall, with a government trying to bail everyone out.
The dollar is falling, which is part of the feedback to erode the economy. We just took a hit on delivery of a German device, because we did not invest in a currency hedge (or whatever you call it.) Between the order and the delivery the Euro versus Dollar shifted.
I am a skeptic regarding both the...

After the Empire: The Breakdwon of the Am Order

2009-10-06 12:24:36 by QuiviraTrail

YES Magazine had this review by David Korten. Below are exerpts:
AFTER THE EMPIRE: The Breakdown of the American Order
by Emmanuel Todd
posted Aug 20, 2004
Todd concludes the United States has become an economic dependency of an increasingly educated and interconnected world that no longer needs U.S. protection and is ever less tolerant of foreign military domination. The growing potential of the Euro to replace the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency threatens U.S. financial power.
And U.S. military power—apart from an unusable nuclear capability—rests on a manufacturing and technology base that is rapidly eroding. The implications for the United States as a global power are exacerbated by current trends toward the formation of geographically...

Milton Friedman and free trade on that link

2007-11-06 14:43:04 by civic_cx_92

"Friedman also believed that deficits would be corrected by free markets as floating currency rates rise or fall with time to encourage or discourage imports in favor of the exports, reversing again in favor of imports as the currency gains strength. A potential difficulty however is that currency markets in the real world are far from completely free, with government and central banks being major players, and this is unlikely to change within the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, recent developments have shown that the global economy in undergoing a fundamental shift. For many years the U.S. has borrowed and bought while in general, the rest of the world has lent and sold. However, as Friedman predicted, this paradigm appears to be changing.
As of October 2007, the U.S. dollar...

Pimco Says 17-nation Euro Currency Union Will Not Last  — Bloomberg
Pacific Investment Management Co., which manages the world's largest bond fund, doesn't see the European currency union surviving in its present form. “The status quo is no longer an option for Europe over the three to five year horizon,” Pimco Chief …

Investment protection from Europe's misery  — Kansas City Star
That could mean a resurgent euro currency and big gains for stocks and bonds based on the common currency, Webman says. For those seeking a truly risk-free experience, US Treasurys remain the world's safest investment, experts say.

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Markets buoyed by EU aid for Spanish banks  — Reuters
The 17-nation euro currency area agreed to lend Madrid up to 100 billion euros ($125 billion) for its bank rescue fund, more than an initial audit suggests it is likely to need. The European Union action is going to be a temporary success because the …

Punts & Clones: Fed up with Euro, Irish town cashes in old currency
Punts & Clones: Fed up with Euro, Irish town cashes in old currency
2012: The first ten years of the euro banknotes and coins
2012: The first ten years of the euro banknotes and coins
History of the Euro Currency and the Eurozone
History of the Euro Currency and the Eurozone

Robert Mundell: Euro is here to stay  — Financial Post
The huge euro currency area, second only to the dollar, makes the dollar-euro exchange rate, along with the price of oil, one of the two most important prices in the world. When the dollar soars it brings deflation and recession in countries fixed to …

Could this be the END of the EURO Currency? Greece Bailout & Austerity, France President Election
Could this be the END of the EURO Currency? Greece Bailout & Austerity, France President Election
Euro or Drachma - What Will Greeces Currency of the Future Be? | Made in Germany
Euro or Drachma - What Will Greeces Currency of the Future Be? | Made in Germany
2011 - The end of the Euro currency? (06Jan11)
2011 - The end of the Euro currency? (06Jan11)

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