Hidden Markov model Neural Networks

Bioinformatic identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins likely to target host cell mitochondria: virulence factors?
Patents Background:
M. tuberculosis infection either induces or inhibits host cell death, depending on the bacterial strain and the cell microenvironment. There is evidence suggesting a role for mitochondria in these processes.On the other hand, it has been shown that several bacterial proteins are able to target mitochondria, playing a critical role in bacterial pathogenesis and modulation of cell death. However, mycobacteria–derived proteins able to target host cell mitochondria are less studied.
A bioinformaic analysis based on available genomic sequences of the common laboratory virulent reference strain Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv, the avirulent strain H37Ra, the clinical isolate CDC1551, and M. bovis BCG Pasteur strain 1173P2, as well as of suitable bioinformatic tools (MitoProt II, PSORT II, and SignalP) for the in silico search for proteins likely to be secreted by mycobacteria that could target host cell mitochondria, showed that at least 19 M. tuberculosis proteins could possibly target host cell mitochondria. We experimentally tested this bioinformatic prediction on four M. tuberculosis recombinant proteins chosen from this list of 19 proteins (p27, PE_PGRS1, PE_PGRS33, and MT_1866). Confocal microscopy analyses showed that p27,

Source: Microbial Informatics and Experimentation - Latest Articles

Handwriting recognition using neural networks and hidden Markov models (Series in microelectronics)
Book (Hartung-Gorre)

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Activity Recognition using Wearable Sensors, ICIA2010
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Company Name Status Action
Online grocery and delivery service Closely held; backed by Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai In December 2000, announced plans to shut down, lay off 334 employees
Online ad firm
Baltimore Closely held; backed by AOL and Reuters, among others In January 2001 announced plans to lay off 72 employees, or 25% of its staff
Internet consultant
New York Public In December 2000, laid off about 190 employees
Online marketer
Hayward, Calif. Closely held; pulled IPO in June 2000 Laid off 100 in September 2000; shut down its services in January 2001
Search engine
Palo Alto, Calif. Unit of CMGI Set plans in mid-September 2000 to...

Microsoft to Defend Business Practices

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Microsoft Corp. will fight next week for the way it conducts future business as it urges the European Union's second-highest court to overturn an antitrust ruling that ordered it to pay a record $613 million fine.In March 2004, the European Commission levied its largest fine ever -- 497 million euros ($613 million) after it found Microsoft guilty of breaking the antitrust rules that govern fair play in business.
Its five-year investigation concluded Microsoft had taken advantage of its position as the leading supplier of operating systems to damage rivals who offered server software and media player programs.The commission ordered Microsoft to share information and code with competitors to help them make software that worked smoothly with Windows and to market a version of Windows...

I See It This Way

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North Holland Handbook of Statistics: Bioinformatics in Human Health and Heredity
eBooks (North Holland)
Gesture-based Infrared Glove
Gesture-based Infrared Glove
undergraduate machine learning 9: Hidden Markov models - HMM
undergraduate machine learning 9: Hidden Markov models - HMM
Unit 11 02 Hidden Markov Models
Unit 11 02 Hidden Markov Models
Springer Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition: Third International Workshop, EMMCVPR 2001, Sophia Antipolis France, September ... (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
Book (Springer)

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