Neural network Iris data set

Artificial neural networks Day 06
Problems Classification Clustering Pattern association Optimization Forecasting Function approxi-mation
Determine a function that approximates a stock market index.

Remember the name of a person.


Determine whether a person has a lung cancer. Yes

Develop a customer profile that would purchase a sport magazine.

Determine the genre of a playing song. Yes

Predict the company sales revenue for the next quarter.

Predict which product(s) a customer would likely buy next if they already bought milk and eggs


Arranging components on a circuit board such that the total length of wires is minimized.


ReferencesKishan Mehrotra, Chilukuri Mohan and Sanjay Ranka (1996). Elements of Artificial Neural Networks. A Bradford Book

Source: Knowledge seeker's blog

A Bradford Book Graphical Models: Foundations of Neural Computation (Computational Neuroscience)
Book (A Bradford Book)

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Springer Advances in Probabilistic Graphical Models (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing)
eBooks (Springer)
Springer Machine Learning in Medical Imaging: Second International Workshop, MLMI 2011, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2011, Toronto, Canada, September 18, ... Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics)
Book (Springer)

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