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Intelligence II: Prediction (04/03/09)
Hasretle ! beklenen Understanding the world through abstract neurological representations (as discussed in the previous post) is a wonderfully flexible adaptive strategy which makes all kinds of learning possible. However, in order for the strategy to be viable it must somehow produce information that is accessible in real time, or at least at biologically relevant speeds. According to Christof Koch, experimental psychology suggests that the amount of time necessary to consciously resolve a visual percept is on the order of a quarter-second (the pre-conscious processing of intelligence begins to react on much shorter time frames, and lies behind such concepts as "subliminal marketing, " but is also by definition non-conscious). How then can the representational platform of intelligence make it possible for humans to execute cognitively complex tasks in real time, like hunting a deer, driving a car, or performing Dvorák's magnificent cello concerto?
The answer has to do with architecture. The reason intelligence is able to effect conscious control of events on short time scales is that it confers the ability to plan ahead, thus overcoming its own inherent neurobiological speed limits, by making predictions of future events based on information already received. Very roughly

Source: Applied Human Nature:

Birkhäuser Neural Networks and Sea Time Series: Reconstruction and Extreme-Event Analysis (Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology)
Book (Birkhäuser)

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