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Course Notes: Installment number one and a call for more!
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Dear Class,  An additional opportunity: You may continue posting reading responses, you are also invited to post course notes to the site over the coming weeks. Quality and substantial course note contributions will receive, per my judgment, more than one point of credit.

Here are a few of my notes below. 





The language and science of networks are increasingly popular in contemporary society. The goal of this course has been to help us, as Barabasi writes, "to think networks." We have also discussed networks, watched networks, read networks, taken notes on networks, and soon we will also turn in writing that somehow relates to networks.

One overarching question in the course has been whether all networks have natural properties that make them behave in similar ways independent of context? In other words, do networks behave mathematically? Is there, then, a sort of simplifying logic behind the intensely complex, messy social uses of networks?  

Barabasi's book explicitly and implicitly answers "yes" to this question, but some of us have contested this claim in classroom discussion and online reading responses. I have argued that, regardless of whether or not networks function independent of context, it is clear that networks, as a concept, have been shaped by rich historical contexts. 

Source: NetworksHU (

Springer Analysis of Dynamical and Cognitive Systems: Advanced Course, Stockholm, Sweden, August 9 - 14, 1993. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
Book (Springer)

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