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Introduction to VBA in MS Excel
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Helal, M., Archer, S. 2008. Introduction to VBA in MS Excel. Florida Association for Institutional Research; FAIR Conference, Feb 6-8, Indialantic, FL
Almost every institutional researcher uses MS Excel. But using Excel can be time consuming when working with thousands of data records, or when having to repeat the same tasks time after time. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a version of the Visual Basic programming language that is included in MS Excel as a standard add-in. Excel VBA is designed to allow Excel users to control cell ranges, sheets, workbooks, charts, formulas, and most other Excel objects and tools. VBA code subroutines in Excel are termed macros. Macros may be saved in the Excel workbook or globally and are reusable and editable as necessary. Graphical user interfaces can be built to interact with workbook contents, thus users do not have to work directly with the data. Several macros can be written for each workbook to perform customized Excel functions and tasks, which can lead to more efficiency and accuracy. However, working with programming languages intimidates many people.

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"With repeated presentations of a stimulus," writes Eagleman, "a sharpened representation or a more efficient encoding is achieved in the neural network coding for the object." Once the brain has learned to recognize the ... Marcel Proust's effort to ...

Exploring the Neural Manifold  — Physics
For example, the perceived brightness of an area can be greatly influenced by the luminance of the surrounding areas: a gray patch on a dark background can appear as bright as a darker patch on a bright background [2]. ... The advantage of using D K L ...

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