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We are not about to code anything yet. This section is more about providing general ideas on how to develop your AI in your games. Most of the tips will fall into the common sense box but keep in mind, some of us are still just starting their game development journey.

Basic AI

It is said that the AI found in games is not real one but more a mix of techniques related to AI. The point is to create the illusions that the NPC is able to act by himself, think, interpret its surrounding and reason only to fool the player. With human knowledge and reasoning, one can create an artificial being that would think and act the way it is wanted to.

Note that it is not advised to create a game where the human is outsmarted as it would then end up in a situation where the player is unable to finish the game.

To fulfill this goal, the NPC is implemented with codes, algorithms that will help it to

“understand” its world. The senses of the NPC are based on vectors and sensors.

According to Van Lent, the NPC constantly executes three steps that are kept simple so that the NPC does not outsmart the player:

Source: Unity Gems

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