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The Difference In Fan and Customer Acquisition
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The CMO of a large retail brand stood on stage recently, proudly showing off a fan acquisition campaign that had successfully driven tens of thousands more “Likes” on Facebook. A hand went up in the audience. “Those ‘Likes’ are impressive, but how many of your products did you sell as a result? ”

The CMO shrugged and said, “Well, that really wasn’t the point of the campaign. It was about acquisition.”

It’s a good thing that CMO was talking to an audience of marketers and not his or her board of directors. If they had been, that would have likely been the last words he or she uttered as CMO of that particular company.

Unfortunately, many marketers hear the word “acquisition, ” and have a Pavlovian reaction, assuming as long as they do more of it, everything will be copacetic. Certainly, “acquisition, ” was the point of the exercise, but it was fan acquisition, not customer acquisition at play.

These are two very different concepts.

Fan acquisition means doing something to get the attention of users on a social network so they will opt in to your messaging. Customer acquisition is doing something to convince a person to purchase something.

You can’t make payroll with more fans.

The big difference? You can’t make payroll with more fans.

Source: Social Media Explorer

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