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Weekly Forex Market Forecast (May 7th - May 11th 2012)
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Key Fundamental Forex Events and Forecasts for the Coming Week

The following table lists the key economic data and other events that are due out during the week of May 7th – May 11th, with release times displayed for the GMT time zone.

The list also includes the current market consensus forecast for each event and indicates what sort of deviation might affect the forex market valuation of the indicated currency positively.

Sunday, May 6th

  • All Day EUR French Presidential Election
  • All Day EUR Greek Parliamentary Election

Monday, May 7th

  • 1:30am AUD Building Approvals (3.2%, > good for currency)
  • 1:30am AUD Retail Sales (0.3%, > good for currency)
  • 7:00am CHF Foreign Currency Reserves (last 237.5B, > good for currency)
  • All Day GBP Bank Holiday
  • 7:15am CHF CPI (0.2%, > good for currency)
  • 12:30pm CAD Building Permits (2.3%, > good for currency)

Tuesday, May 8th

  • 1:30am AUD Trade Balance (-1.37B, > good for currency)
  • All Day EUR French Bank Holiday
  • 9:30am AUD Annual Budget Release (hawkish = good for currency)
  • 9:00pm NZD RBNZ Financial Stability Report (hawkish = good for currency)

Wednesday, May 9th

Source: Forex News and Market Commentary

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