Portfolio Selection Using Neural Networks

The Data-Driven Manifesto
Full-size image (134 K) First and foremost, timing is everything. And not just in humor.
The correct timing is the sole requirement for profitability. Whether it be signals generated by a statistical model, or an important event in the news, all information is incorporated very quickly into market prices. Thus, the only thing that matters is timing each trade just right, whether that means capturing imbalances in supply and demand at the microstructure level, parsing news articles with information extraction algorithms, or betting on an trend reversal after seeing a familiar signal. There is no such thing as a temporally-irrelevant investment. Everything depends on time.
If data is old, one cannot use it to successfully invest. No fundamental data or technical data or obvious statistical data is necessary at all, because it is public knowledge that has already been incorporated into the price of the security, commodity, currency or derivative in question. Betting on a known fact is useless, because the market price already reflects that fact, and will not change due to the fact. How could it? The information has already been unveiled. It is not going to unveil itself again--it cannot become common knowledge twice!
However, if data suggests a statistical anomaly in the presumably efficient

Source: The Grahamian

Elsevier Portfolio selection using neural networks [An article from: Computers and Operations Research]
Book (Elsevier)

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FOREX trading

2007-07-05 15:20:47 by DevineCount

I am trading in the FOREX market...I have 20% of my portfolio in...I use a software system and a robot system both are monthly subscriptions...so far I have an ROI of 15% for the past 2 months...I do what the software system says and the robot does his own thing based on my parameters...so far so good! I trade in 5 differnet accounts with different pairs, margins and money...spread the risk!!! I have never traded in the market before but it is very exciting and I am pleased with the results so far!
The best and safest hedge pairs are the EURO and CHF...when one goes up the other goes down...
I also earn interest everyday on my money...

Forexxx way to go

2006-08-11 06:02:46 by 4X

Forex-Way to go. < 4X > 08/11 05:57:47
Forex- The best way to go.
With a daily trading volume that is 50x larger than the New York Stock Exchange, there are always broker/dealers willing to buy or sell currencies in the FX markets. The liquidity of this market, especially that of the major currencies, helps ensure price stability. Investors can always open or close a position, and more importantly, receive a fair market price. Because of the lower trading volume, investors in the stock market and other exchange-traded markets are more vulnerable to liquidity risk, which results in a wider dealing spread or larger price movements in response to any relatively large transaction.
500:1 options
Taken from this site- /
I trade the foreign...

Forex Robot Reviews and Video Tutorials

2010-08-31 14:43:10 by Nevaalone

Trying to distinguish which Forex Robot is really the best? Looking for honest Forex robot reviews? Well I can help. With a variety of Forex robots to choose from and more being released each and every month I can understand why you maybe finding, trying to choose a Forex robot a frustrating and confusing task. It can be hard to distinguish which are the real deal and which are just scams. But armed with the right knowledge, you can figure this out quite easily on you're own.
Forex robots are often called EA's which means expert advisor. An expert advisor is an automated software strategy written to trade in the Forex market for you. These forex softwares are generally written for Metatrader, the most popular Forex trading platform.
The best Forex EA will allow you to...

Most of the software is a joke

2007-05-14 12:05:59 by trans_am

Forex isn't bad, after I stopped trading stocks, it took me a while to become profitable, but the rewards far exceed any equities trades I ever made.
If you're thinking about it specialize in one or two of the common pairs before moving into the exotics.

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Forex expert advisor 2012
Forex expert advisor 2012

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