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Illegal Immigration 2010 News: Mexico Is Not The Only Human Exporter

People who live in areas with many Mexicans who are undocumented are not getting a full picture of what is going on in The United States. While it is true that numerous Mexicans and other Latin Americans are here illegally, we forget about the other nations exporting their problems to The United States.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has always been an undeveloped place. Look at how they export their people to more developed parts of the Euro-Zone. Their biggest recent success was the plant in Poland manufacturing the Fiat, soon to arrive in The United States. Many Poles, Russians and others are in our cities and it is not likely that all of them are legal. They too take away jobs from Americans. They are only here for economic reasons. There is no longer a Soviet Union to persecute them.

Southern Europe

Here too many from Greece and other southern European nations have come in an undocumented fashion. People should start concentrating on their threat to our nation. After all, they are not the sophisticated Western European peoples who have made great strides throughout history.

Muslim People

This group needs little in the way of analysis. Like in Europe they are coming here in droves. Driving taxis in cities and competing with Mexicans for contracting work. It does not look like this country cares. As a matter of fact it suits Wall Street to keep wages down with these people. Some Libertarians go along with the notion of “open borders.”

Source: U.S. Financial Post

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That is Peruvian reality

2007-05-22 10:06:51 by --

I lived in Peru for four years. The first few days, I kept seeing people everywhere who seemed to be selling cell phones and calculators. Well, it turns out that money changing takes place everywhere. You go up to anyone of these people and ask the exchange rate. You are well advised to check with several. The person will show you on his calculator how much Peruvian currency you'll get. If OK, you give him your dollars and he gives you Peruvian currency. The cell phone is for him to check with his boss on the exchange rate, which moves constantly.
I found that most of these guys were honest, and the rate was consistent all over. It's a way that normal people can make enough money to support themselves (there is a small difference between buy and sell rates that gives them...

Traveling, need to convert Dollars ($) to Yen,

2010-12-02 14:41:57 by dollarstoyen

Whats the best way to do it. A few questions...Question: 1. My bank offers free exchange from dollars to yen, but the current rate right now is about 79Y to a $, according to online calculator, the exchange rate is 84Y to a $, I'm not sure what the discrepancy is.
2. According to the Narita airport page the exchange rate using a travelers check is 83.15Y to a $, much better than 79Y at my bank. Does this seem to be the norm or is there actually a few Yen charge at the airport in Tokyo?
3. I am trying to figure out the best way to exchange money in Japan. I don't mind taking travelers checks but if it works out to the same amount I will probably...

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