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Research on Modern Logistics and Transportation System Based on ITS
on RBF neural network has

At present, the industry of logistics is developing towards profession and socialization. The logistics distribution plays a very important role in the enterprises related, and transportation problem is the key problem of logistics distribution. Therefore, it is meaningful to study on transportation efficiency.Aimed at the problem of low efficiency in transportation and real time distribution in logistics transportation industry, this article introduced ITS into the construction of modern transportation system. Based on detailed analysis of requirement of logistics operation, this paper constructed a new vehicle operation system, which is one that adopted GPS as vehicle positioning means and GPRS as wireless data transmission means. And the design of terminal in vehicle and monitoring center was studied. The main researches in this paper are as follows:1) This paper undertakes overall analysis of ITS and logistics transportation system, such as theoretic research development status at home and abroad. All these offer foundations for research of the thesis.2) On the basis of analysis of traditional transportation operation, some melioration were put forward, and a new transportation system was carried out: the construction of vehicle monitoring center, and real time communications between drivers and monitoring center by installing terminal in vehicle, the circumstances of vehicle on way are in control all the time; drivers get the best route under the assistance of system, and also some integrate information service, such as weather, road conditions, serving section, etc; clients can acquire information inquiry service by internet.3) Divide the system into three parts: terminal in vehicle, monitoring center and wireless correspondence network. Design hardware structure of terminal in vehicle and monitoring center, select short message of GSM mobile correspondence network to realize correspondence between vehicle and monitoring system, and design the data base of monitoring center.4) Realize simulation of logistics transportation through flexsim modeling. The thesis select the process of vehicle on way as simulation object, compare traditional transportation and logistics transportation based on ITS, the result shows that logistics transportation based on ITS can efficiently reduce transportation time and improve transportation efficiency.This research is used for references to the logistics transportation industry, which is able to optimize resources and decrease logistics cost so as to improve the competition ability of the logistics transportation enterprises. With the research deepen, the function of vehicle navigation will be more perfect, more and more navigation equipment will be installed to transportation vehicles, which is more helpful to improve the efficiency of logistics enterprises.

Source: Engineering Science Research

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