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I am really, really sorry to see May go. Too bad every month could not be like May. Futures down in the premarket, so we should see the TSX head back down to test the recent lows on Friday. We saw some short covering in the Financial Services Sector on Thursday. While it generated a couple of bank Buy signals, I would not expect any follow-through on Friday. – Canadian Stock Market Analysis – Start your trading day off on the right foot with Stephen Whiteside’s Good Morning Bay Street. This free daily video newsletter focuses on the major Canadian TSX Indexes and ETF’s, as well as the Canadian Dollar, Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Precious Metals including Gold and Silver. For more information please visit Rating: 5 / 5

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Amazingly; the little things

2007-11-15 06:31:09 by St_Benedict

Yesterday was the first time in 4 months that I could actually start to go through my mail. I used the house phone last night for about 4 minutes; before then I used it last week for under a minute to take a msg. Other than that I have not been able to use the phone for about 4 months. My cell phone is still untouched for 4 months. I haven't watched television but once a month and a half ago;.. it was an episode of golden girls. Violin; yea yea.
I should'nt say this though; I just have to. I'm going through all my old stock market accounts that I haven't been able to do for about seven or so years. That for me is a huge step. I use to shake and shiver when I would think back to that stuff. Level 3 trading through A.B. Watley, Datek, Baron Chase securities, JWGenesis, Morgan...

I started w/ yahoo finance

2004-08-13 15:08:53 by cosmoyoyoma2

It's a great finance portal site. it will lead u to other good sources.
also go to the library and start reading investors business daily(IBD). a good source to find stocks w/ the momo. stay away from the wall st journal--utterly useless.
How to make money in stocks : a winning system in good times or bad / William J. O'Neil(same guy of IBD)
Technical analysis of the financial markets : a comprehensive guide to trading methods and applications / John J. Murphy
Reminiscences of a stock operator / Edwin Lefèvre
deals w/ the life of jesse livermore, the greatest american trader(made $100mill durinf market crash of '29)

One standard ways to allow for free will

2011-10-22 20:37:58 by WitchLoree

In a materialistic monist world is to point out that the physical world isn't deterministic at least at quantum levels. There are some good arguments why this isn't valid, but many folks adopt it.
Another is contained in the idea of "emergent properties".
"Understanding the precise laws of stock exchange, the aims of the operators and the mechanisms of market is not sufficient to understand (and especially to predict) the behavior of stock market.
Because a sufficiently complex system generates layers of organization which cannot be examined, interpreted and understood simply based on the properties of lower (more elementary) layers of organization. This constitutes the by now widely accepted concept of "emergent properties".
The brain is among the most complex...

I agree with your analysis but I don’t

2005-01-15 23:53:43 by Oakland__43

Think there is much point in saying “leave the business to businessmen.” In America, there is about as much danger of a communist takeover of corporations as there is of a Tsunami hitting Las Vegas. (The Hoover dam might break, of course.)
(My theory is that during the Cold War, Americans projected the worst aspects of themselves onto Russia in the same way that white Americans often project their worst traits onto black Americans. It’s nice for your self-esteem if you can get away with it but in the long run it weakens you because you don’t try to solve your own problems.)
During the Silicon Valley boom, people worked 24-7 and became millionaires in a few years because they were given stock options. They put everything into their companies or jumped to another startup...

Jeffrey Lynn Neal  — Palladium-Item
He also created daily stock market analysis podcasts prior to the open and was a radio show market correspondent discussing the best stocks and options for the week. He was avid about sports especially basketball. He played basketball for the Kokomo …

Stock Market Analysis 2/24/12 Alphatrends
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