Unsupervised Learning Using Neural Networks

Image recognition using neural networks
Fuzzy neural networks

Image recognition using neural networks

Imagine an image processor unaffected by lighting and optics…
For those of you familiar with machine vision, it is no news that the first key to success of an imaging application resides in its ability to obtain good quality images with the least possible lighting and contextual variations. If you take the example of a glossy object, the distribution of its color intensities will vary depending on the angle of incidence of the light and its wavelength. As a result, the color shades of the object will change as it moves or rotates. Coping with this problem implies the installation of optics, lighting and positioning equipment. The performance of the machine vision application depends on the accuracy and consistency of their calibration. The slightest change of hardware positioning affects the system. Nevertheless, once these settings are defined and frozen, one can start processing images to isolate regions of interest from background regions and measure objects for inspection or recognition. Repeatability and accuracy are achieved… until someone trips over a cable or moves your equipment.

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Source: Global Sensing

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Foreign Exchange trading up 21%-- Adios $

2005-01-12 07:32:11 by puro

Did the Romans curse Caligula, or only in historical retrospect?
"Forex trade volumes hit record levels
By Jennifer Hughes in New York
Published: January 11 2005 17:26 | Last updated: January 11 2005 17:26
Foreign exchange trading volumes leapt to record levels in the first week of 2005, according to EBS, the largest interbank trading platform, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Average daily volume for the week on EBS reached $162bn, up 21 per cent on the same week last year and considerably higher than the average of about $100bn. Total volumes for the week were $811bn.
Trading in FX products over the CME’s Globex electronic platform last week was up 182 per cent over the same period in 2004, and pit-traded options volumes were...

Americans living on borrowed time:

2004-12-01 20:10:45 by puro

"Americans living on borrowed time
In the first of a three-part series Larry Elliott and David Teather explore the economic recovery that never was
Monday October 25, 2004
The Guardian
Oil prices are heading for $60 a barrel. Motorists in the United States are getting their heads round the idea of paying $2 for a gallon of gas. Eighteen months after the ousting of Saddam Hussein was supposed to put the skids under the cost of crude, you might imagine America's reliance on imported fuel would be a crucial issue in the race for the White House. It isn't.
America is racking up trade deficits of $50bn a month and anger is growing out in the industrial heartlands about China's refusal to revalue its currency. Yet trade policy is a peripheral issue as...

Just browsing

2005-04-03 16:45:27 by -re

10 tonnes of opium seized
Hindustan Times, India - Mar 31, 2005
Afghan anti-drugs police have seized 10 tonnes of opium in the north of the country, one of the biggest hauls in President Hamid Karzai's "holy war" on drugs ...
US deploys crack squads, beefs up air power to fight Afghan drug ...
Channel News Asia, Singapore - Mar 17, 2005
... The United States will deploy crack anti-drug squads, beef up interdiction air power and tighten border surveillance to combat burgeoning opium production in ...
Authorities Say Heroin Use Appears To Be Rising
Radio Free Europe, Czech Republic - Mar 10, 2005
... There are no statistics on the number of laboratories in Afghanistan that produce the white heroin granules from opium poppies. ......

The real story!

2001-10-19 09:47:14 by oil

Osama Bin Laden's Bush Family
Business Connections
Osama Bin Laden's Bush family business connections, alliance with Pakistan,
will stimulate drug trade, bring revenues under U.S. control — Colombian
opium production will soar. The Taliban's biggest economic attack on the U.S.
came in February [2001] with the destruction of its opium crop — Michael C.
[©2001, Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications. All
Rights Reserved. May be reprinted and distributed for non-profit purposes
only] — From the September 18, issue of From The Wilderness.
Money connections between Bush Republicans and Osama bin Laden go way back and the political and economic connections have remained
unbroken for 20 years. And...

Latest online fraud: Fake Postal Money Orders

2005-04-25 23:05:14 by KimbizBack

From the NY Times:A Common Currency for Online Fraud
Fake checks have been the stock in trade of online fraud artists for years. Now authorities are noting a surge in schemes involving sophisticated counterfeiting of a different form of payment: United States postal money orders. And the fleecing of victims often begins in an e-mail in-box.
In the last six months, the F.B.I. and postal inspectors say, international forgers - mostly in Nigeria, but also in Ghana and Eastern Europe - appear to have turned new attention to the United States postal money order. More than 3,700 counterfeit postal money orders were intercepted from October to December, exceeding the total for the previous 12 months, according to postal inspectors.
Moreover, 160...

Forex Trading Guide for Part-Time Traders Entering the Markets  — MarketWatch
Forex Trading Tip: Utilise the trading education tools and resources to prepare yourself for trading the forex market; as a leveraged product, forex trading can result in losses greater than your initial deposit making it imperative that you fully …

Eliminating redundant training data using unsupervised clustering techniques (Technical report CAS/CNS)
Book (Boston University, Center for Adaptive Systems and Dept. of Cognitive and Neural Systems)
Chatbots 3.1 - Richard Wallace - Unsupervised Learning for AIML Bots (1of2)
Chatbots 3.1 - Richard Wallace - Unsupervised Learning for AIML Bots (1of2)

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